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We move like bobbing head's, Beatle-mania I saw her standing there we started kissing it's in the proof-read "Procreation", snow falling miraculous Christmas power,no video camera to the naked eye her gaze swiveled back at him & get back Loretta was playing to her hand's a inch shy of his Christmas Ho Ho shining bag. How we have the energy, to cover, all the basic's, so articulate.Sometime's nondescript not reading clearly,how we move on sometime's fiercely.but Virgo impeccable we can dress.comparing ourselves to a leopard whats in our paw's can we confess.

Moving on, with such miraculous, power,repeating my word's talking to myself I rather be talking to a parrot it kept saying, I am not working 4 peanut's,red-hot Jessica hanging her Christmas loot,I'm not flying for the holiday like a blue jay,he kicked my holiday book he going to pay, refresh my twitter tweet's the parrots became singer's of rapper-hood in Christmas suit's.No time 4 games of pursuit. Someone walked 2 the door.People are strange, did Christmas get stranger get off those pant's of wrangler's Christmas tree hit the bird crap floor, faces look ugly we cannot note them up, please god, shut that parrot up & refine my leopard cup I took a shower.I wasn't having sex with him again.The parrot kept repeating words. Robin was rambling on like a bird.What's the new gadget have not you heard?
 Home-body festivities are just beginning, Christmas book & he's opening up my candy wrapper.The traditionally 7 food's snapper, bird beak really snapped him.Racing what nail's he scratched Parrot rapper.
I needed to patch things up.The Hangover egg nog head was in a fog strip Monopoly I aced it he spotted it.Your going to jail.You got drenched with Holy water with the lover's pail
Don't give up words came to me.Can we compare ourselves 2 Snow Leopard?
Love compassion spotted coat erotically with passion
Exotic creature night air down 2 his paw Is this his last claw? So isolated needed his mate.Godly light powerful fate  enter's long stretch he builds up his arm's
Fire fighter strength leopard he follow's. Smoke smother's your light deathly cold-air
Needed hot steaming tea tigress hair.Snow Leopard brushed against you behind
Scared to death face needed healing.Remembering a time had more meaning
First baby steps he showed another light stages.You owned the stage tigress at night
But he was like your savior godly light.Deep set eye's chilled feet pacing stormy night were stepping on
someone's love paws was this your last call.Going to the ferocious Ball
Going to the Masquerade, everyone dressed.Spinning like, a spiral, staircase mess
 Snow leopard, caught you off-guard. Snow blistering, leopard earring in sterling
She's singing loud roar touched some mink.Being with the wrong animal what do you think??Spots raced toward you overcoat he open's
You have that leopard eye look, he grab's you that's all it took.

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