This piece was written for my 7th-9th grade after school creative writing class that I teach at my former high school. These students-- goths, punks, jocks, nerds--had never met me before, and in some cases, never met eachother, but after these words left my lips, they somehow became unified in their stunned silence, and moreso as the passion for writing burned in each of their hearts.

Spoken word.
It ain't about
Shakespeare, Dickenson, or Poe.
It ain't about
the iambic pentameter flow
or the 5-7-5 of a haiku.
It's about
the heartbeat
the pulse that courses through your very soul in a rhythm that is completely
It is YOU that falls from trembling lips
into the figurative and literal microphone before you;
YOU who breathes life into words that would
otherwise be considered
scribbles on a page.
It's an essence
a way of being
and beating
the drum of your being
that would otherwise have you hanging---
on tenterhooks,
waiting for permission
to raise your voice above the rest
just so you can feel
like you've got something to say.
And child,
you do.
You got a story all your own
a thunder that outnumbers
the roar of the lions that are too busy
with their 9 to 5 to stop
and listen.
So don't think you have to shout
just to be heard
but don't you whisper the words
that mean so much
but can seem so small.
They ain't.
Those words are your fists,
balled up tightly and raised high in the air
demanding the attention of anyone who will just
They strike
again and again
breaking the air and airwaves
with a newfound
so don't you think
your fists are too small
to mean something
because child, they ain't.
Raise your words high
with that of your peers
and chant them again and again
like it's the last war cry that will ever
be heard
around the world
your voice is strong.
It echoes
and shakes the earth to it's very core
like a stampede
so don't you stop
don't you stay silent now
just step up to the mic like this
will be your legacy
your last words to live by
and the first words to make you

Submitted: August 07, 2011

© Copyright 2022 RobynJohnson. All rights reserved.

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This is a wonderfully written prose. Very deep and heartfelt. The imagery you express is emotional and very well penned.
Welcome to the world of booksie. Good luck with you writing!

Sun, August 7th, 2011 2:43pm

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