Love Can Hate

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Another personal one.

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



I take everything out on you now,
but sometime soon it will call come down.
This wall will crumble, it will begin to shake.
Just like my heart will crack and break,
because of you.

You think that I'm not worth your time,
but baby it's you who's not worth a dime.
You walk around and think you're so great,
but your life isn't perfect, it's so full of hate,
just like mine.

I'm not sure what you are feeling inside,
but I know for a fact that you're trying to hide.
Inside a world you have with your friends,
you're the big tough guy who doesn't depend,
on anyone but himself.

You're happy on the outside, but bleeding with in.
You're fight a battle against darkness and sin.
You feel it's to late, it's engraved in your heart.
There's no point in living if you're missing a part,
of who you are.

You were all for it, when it was just us,
but you're shallow as hell and you only lust.
When your friends were around I was just dirt.
A prettier girl came and you were a flirt,
to get what you wanted.

Why did you do it? The lies that you told.
I believed in it all, I was already sold.
You were the guy that I trusted with all.
If I was in need you said just to call,
because you would be there.

I love you still, but I hate you more.
I wish I could hurt you down to your core.
You need to know how you made me feel.
To the point you don't think you'll ever heal,
because of me.

I've wasted my time and a love that was true,
on what I thought was pure, but it was just you.
You have a heart that is colder than ice.
I don't see how you were ever nice,
to me.

This is killing me now, all I want is the end.
I want you out of my head, so I can pretend,
that you aren't there, that you don't exist.
If I had a enough paper I could make a list,
of why I hate you.

-Robyn J Guptill

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