You're the Cause of it All

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Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



There's a cut on my heart,
and you're holding a blade.
There's a darkness inside me,
and you crouch in the shade.

Is it possible you are
the  cause of my pain?
This love set upon me
is just like a stain.

There's no going back,
there's no washing it out.
So I fill myself up,
with depression and doubt.

I put myself down,
and blame you for all.
Again I promise myself,
that I will not fall.

I pull myself up,
and I dust myself off.
I think to myself,
that I was to soft.

You caused so much pain,
and you don't even care.
Occasionally our eyes,
will lock in a stare.

I'll sew up my heart,
with a needle and thread.
Now you're invisible,
you're pretty much dead.
To me.

-Robyn J Guptill

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