based on memories

two young kids running off into the night

Country side loving growing strong

Nothing could tear theses two apart

Pulling into that field of dust and left over hay

He takes her hand and holds it tight

As they get out into the night , Stars shines down brightly

Leaning up on that hood he kisses her deeply

Looking into each others eyes so In love , this is a never forgot night

As they stretch out on that cold hood , there hearts race

Her head on his chest , his arms all around her shivering body

Slowly they start to kiss , more and more , falling deeper and deeper every time

She runs her fingers through his long wavy black hair , as His lips trace her neck

Plus racing as two bodys dance into the night

She removes his shirt with quick hands and runs her fingers along that bare sking so softly

Before they know it there naked and making love on that cold sheet of metal

Everything had faded away nothing but moans and groans fill the air

One final thrust he feels complete and full

Rolling off he feels complete and happy

Her head on his chest this is a night to remember


Submitted: March 26, 2014

© Copyright 2022 RochelleYurko. All rights reserved.

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