Love Doesn't Come Without Pain: Chapter 1: Mylee

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Brett and Mylee have broken up, but can they resist the urge to get back together? Although, Myles, neglects it at first she sees that Brett just might be what she needs. He hurt her more than anything or anyone could, but maybe the pain made their relationship stronger. Who knows?

~ Every chapter is going to be different P.O.Vs. So some may be long and some short.


~Mylee’s P.O.V~
I see him coming at me, quick on his feet, shuffling past other students that stand in his path. For the past two or so months, I’ve been avoiding him and he did the same to me, so it works perfectly. I don’t think I can stand being around him anymore, and the fact that he is heading straight towards me, is scaring me and I feel the pain I am so accustomedto come back into my heart.
He comes right up to me, centimeters away, and doesn't hesitate as he slips a hand around my neck and pulls me into him softly. He places his lips on mine, needy. I don’t even have time to react or register what he is doing in front of the whole student body on the last day of school, before summer. Brett pulls away and looks into my eyes, waging my reaction. I don’t like the fact that he, of all people, thinks he can come up to me and mess up everything I have accomplished in the last few weeks. I have tried so hard to forget him, to get over him, but that is easier said then done. Brett is everything I ever wanted and I am surprised I found him in this new school of mine.
“What the hellwas that, Brett?” I scream making even more people look at me. As much as I want him back, I can’t go through the hurt and pain again; I don’t think I can handle the thought. Brett’s cheeks flush a bright pink on accident and he looks down quickly, trying to hide the obvious embarrassment. He is sad, I can tell that much.
“Sorry, Myles, I thought maybe, umm… you would've wanted that?” He doesn’t look up at me when he says this.
“I haven’t even talked to you since YOU broke up with ME two months ago and you of all people know I don’t like doing stuff like that!” I shout again, trying my hardest not to let all the anger I had built up over time pour out right now, but it doesn't work and I can’t contain myself any longer. It feels good to let it out, like releasing the air from a tight balloon, but I also feel regret in the pit of my stomach for yelling at Brett. But I do have a germ issue and don't ever do the usual “dating things”. I never kiss anyone, never hold hands, or ever get real close to anyone. I hug, sure, but kissing is very different. It is a completely new level in my mind and I don't like the view from that height. Now that I think about it, Brett just stole my first kiss away from me! “What the hell was going through your mind thinking you can do that or that I want you to?” I ask him only waiting a millisecond before taunting him farther. “Huh?”
“Look, Myles, I never got over you and trust me I tried for so long to just forget everything between us but I couldn’t. I failed miserably and that hurt me a whole lot. John also told me you still liked me…” I cut him off despite the fact that what he is saying is true.
“Oh, and you believe what everyone tells you? That’s retarded and stupid, Brett!” Everyone is stopping in the hallway, waiting for more action, and staring. Soon my sister, Kori, will come into the hall where I stand talking to Brett. John, no doubt, will be walking by her. They are dating and as much as I don't want anyone to know, Kori told John that I had been sulking around since Brett broke up with me. Kori always tells me to tell Brett how I feel but I am never courageous enough to show my true feelings for anyone, even if I like him a whole lot more than I have ever liked anyone in my short-lived fifteen years. I just don’t admit to having feelings or any emotions toward anyone.
“Look, Myles, Kori’s been talking to me too. She wants you to stop beings so dang depressed all the time. I don’t know if I am the person to make everything right in your life again, but I pray to God that I am because I want you so much, Myles. I don’t even know what Iwas thinking when I broke up with you. I am running from the feelings that only you made me feel.” I see Kori and John step into the huddled pile of people; it is as if our discussion is all of their business, which it is not in any way. Kori catches my eye and I glare menacingly at her, she gives me the thumbs-up sign. I look back to Brett who is waiting impatiently, I might add, for me to say something, anything.
“I don’t care. Brett you basically made me the worst Mylee known to man. You hurt me and I don’t know if I can forgive you for that right now or ever.” I tell him throwing my arms up defiantly. Brett kisses me again, all of the sudden, backing me up against the wall. He breaks away and places his forehead on mine.
“You can’t honestly say you don’t feel something for me, can you?” I am harder to get through then most people. If he wants me back, I am not even sure I can deal with him now; it is going to take more than some talking and taking away my first kiss.
“I don’t know what I feel anymore, especially towards you. My rides here, lets go Kori.” I shout to my sister and leave Brett standing at the concrete wall looking depressed. He bangs his fist against the wall as Kori and John kiss goodbye. Brett takes my arm and spins me around before I have a chance to get out of his reach.
“Please, give me a chance.” He begs.
“You had your chance and you ruined it. Get a life, Brett. You’re not going to hurt me again.” I forcefully pull my arm away from his grasp and get into my Granny’s van. Brett slumps to the floor while my back is turned, in defeat. He holds his face in his hands. John walks up to him and says something that I can’t make out, but Brett just shakes his head not looking up at him. I lean against the van door and a few tears try slipping down my cheeks but I won't let them, I don’t cry over any one or thing. Kori gets into the van and I look at her full on.
“Thanks, a lot. That’s a perfect way to end my freshmen year in a new school!” I hiss quietly but loud enough for her to hear the venom leak behind every syllable.
“I’m sorry, but he wants you back, Mylee, and I know you want him too. Give him a chance!” She pleads, on behalf of her boyfriend’s best friend.
“You of all people should know that is not the way to go!” I say a little louder than necessary.
“Girls, that’s enough.” My Granny says lightly. We hush and my other sister, Kristal, who’s a year younger, turns around from in the front seat.
“So, guess what!”
“What?” I ask perking up a little to sound interested.
“It’s summer at last!” She bursts into fits of laughter and I can’t help laughing along with her despite all the other stuff that seems to dominate my every waking minute right now. Kristal has an easy way of life that I admire and wish upon myself.

* Look for Love Doesn't Come Without Pain: Chapter 2: Brett

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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