The Sailor and Her Sea

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A poem I wrote after a heartbreak.

Submitted: January 27, 2015

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Submitted: January 27, 2015



He was beautiful,

He had radiant skin, silky like sand,

The sun had never touched him, but longed to.


He was the ocean, and she was his tragic sailor,

She thought she could conquer, but she drowned.

She ventured far into the raging waters,

her tiny ship hardly withstanding the pressure,

stood afloat for a while.


However, it was too much to bear,

The ocean raged, rampaging her damaged ship.

She could not bear to part with the sea,

She drowned in her suicidal love.


She sunk violently, defenselessly,

with her ship.


The ocean was unaware of the wreckage it had caused,

how could something so beuatiful,

ever feel remorse?


Yet the sailor swam,

she swam up to the surface,

with all her might.


However much she loved him,

it could not destroy her--

it would not.


The sailor reached the shore,

glancing back at the beauty she once loved,

"So long my dear ocean, you will be missed,"

she whispered and left.


The ocean was a part of her,

but it would not control her.

She realized,

She had finally conquered the ocean.



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