Doctor who

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Okay i love this t.v. show Doctor who so im kind of taking there idea. So i don't plagiarize i am thanking the authors of Doctor Who for my idea. So THX!!! authors of Doctor Who!!!!

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



One day i was working on my paper route and i heard a loud rumbling noise. People get mugged alot in this area so i began to run. Not having good sense of sound i ran toward the loud sound. And i ran right into a blue box. The door were wide open so i walked right in. It was huge it could crush the whole city how big it was inside.!!!..

Then i walked outside it was as small as well a police box maybe because thats what it was disguised as but it wasn't really a police box. I walked inside again. I saw a swimming pool, a library, a labratory, 4 main bedrooms, and two guset rooms, a baby's room (with no baby). There was a dining room set neatly a living room and fourteen closets full of trench coats,converse,and tuxes of absolutly every color but mostly blues and browns. I walked into the main room the first room you walk into. I don't know what that room was called but it was the biggest one. And there was this wierd colorful machine and i pushed two buttons (two VERY important buttons). I walked outside ready to forget all of this but there was one problem i was not on my paper route.

A strange man then ran out of his room, a room i have not yet explored. I walked past him to that room in awe of is machine. It was his bedroom full of more trench coats converse and tuxes. He had a huge water bed and a brown leather massage chair. The walls were the blue of his machine almost navy but brighter. The bed covers were black with grey and white outlines of circles. Then the strange man came up and interupted my thoughts. "I'm the doctor where did you take us?" He asked I said "my name is confidential and i have no idea i was on my paper route in britain and now i'm not." He then went over to his monitor and said " HEY you took us to Clum the planet. You pressed the green button and pink one it's okay i can take us home". "But how i mean you didn't carry it and it's bigger on the inside this is either human brilliance or alien casuality." I walked outside again ignoring what he was saying all i heard is that this time and space machine is called the T.A.R.D.I.S. which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

This clum was dull and gray covered in nothing but rocks for miles but some how so beautiful at the same time. Four suns (the only color on this planet) One green,pink,blue and one orange. I picked up a rock and as soon as i stood up it disinigrated into me. Then i felt healthier and more energetic. I spun and screamed so loud and then these rhino alien things come walking toward me and the big blue box. I ran inside "Doctor Doctor these rhino alien things are coming towards us and from my view they have weapons. He told me "Close the door. I am getting you home right NOW" ........."More like not we are still in the same place" I said with an attitude "OH and by the way there outside the door" I said slightly scared. The aliens were here now one said "We are the invaders and now rulers of Clum"

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