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Hey my story is done Hope you like!!!

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



Its odd where i work because of what i am. I work in a hospital where there are deep gory bloody cuts some more like gashes the thick juicy blood just taunts me all day long usually I can control the urge but sometimes the urge completly controls me and i have to atleast get one tiny juicy drop.I walk around the hospital looking for my poor victim. I find a 21 year old male in a comma critical condition and i can feel the warm blood flooding through his veins as i am so cold.I need a drink so badly that i start to shiver I move his hair and bite into his neck with my sharp fangs. The blood overflows me and fills me with energy the person slowly turns a pale white and i can't stand to drink his blood anymore.Sometimes i get mad at myself because of what i do to them. I mean i am a demon of the underworld or atleast thats what these humans think. I am frowned upon in almost every place i walk into. Not that they know what i am before to late and then i leave.

Some people want revenge on me because I transformed them but how long i have been one they don't even have a chance. I know that we have a weak spot on our hip but slightly above it i know that at first that if you think about your past life to much that a heavy pounding will start in your head and you'll be knocked out.

Only a few very trustworthy friends of mine know what i really am I know if your smart you probably figured this out by now but im a vampire. My friends once i told them they all asked the same question " are you different then you were i mean ...... did the change, change you ?" And i respond the same way every time "only what creature i am otherwise i am the same i promise "

The Next Day

I was in the hospital again in the surgery room this time though this poor little 11 year old moms thought she would out herself but she wanted her daugter ,Kaylie to go with her the mother died with to severe of injurys but Kaylie lived and needed surgery right away because of the giant bleeding gash on her side. Now you must be thinking how can you control yourself i mean blood pouring out her side i would go for it. But that's one of my rules NO LITTLE KIDS i mean they would be the first one dead you would think but there not because no one can bite into any thing as cute as an eleven year old or younger. My rule is everyone has to be above twenty and i only feed once a month.

Apparently i saved Kaylie my surgery was so well done my mentor said i might become a doctor instead of a nurse but i told him " you know i really like being a nurse i don't want the premotion but thanks any way. I walked away with my mentor in awe and that was that i was a nurse not changing a thing. I was close friends with Stacy another nurse but she doesnt know what i am she has a strict religon. After my shift ended i waited for Stacy and we went to the bar got completly wasted and got a cab to my house she spent the night like she has many times before and suprisingly she does not have one bite mark on her neck.

I know what you must be thinking " but shes your friend how could you ever ......... " stop right there because if you were me nothing would stop me and nothing did before.

I moved before because my blood urge took over before and i turned a very dear friend of mine. I have not seen her since hopefully she did not survive the change and yes that is a good thing.

The other

So i might not have told you this but there are several other vampires just like me they drink blood and some of them are even as nice as me. Witch is hard to come around these days. But before i get into that i MUST tell you how old i am. I am from B.C. times. I am the acient egyptian Nefertit. Im going to guess your thinking " omg who the heck is that " If you don't know who I am maybe you should be paying a little more attention in social studies because i am the great royal wife of Akhenaten. To tell you the truth i don't even remember him and i still wear my wedding ring every day!

I went to work to day hoping it was just going to be a normal hospital working day maybe go into the sugery room possibly hand out medicine to patients who need it and i mean pretty much it would be boring and lame. I was kind of excited it was going to be though i mean you get used to it and i HATE suprises.

Well you might have figured this out but Chris is a blood sucker like me other wise he would be wrinkled and old not insanley attractive as he still is. I felt really bad about biting him i mean he had A GREAT future ahead of him and i ruined that sometimes like that time i wish i was dead barried in a grave like peope are sopposed to be but im no longer a people right of course you HAVE to agree on that do you have any idea how many facts i have given you.

I was all happy about that and then it turned out to be odd and awkward because i got a visitor one of my kind of course but a visitor none the less. Sadly it was my husband. But not my acient egyptian one i got married quite a few times after that this was Chris from 1834 we were together forever i don't wear his wedding ring anymore though there would be alot of rings on my finger if i wore everyones. He told me how much he missed me we had a quick chat about our lives now and he was off but it was still VERY awkward.


C'mon c'mon turn on you dang car. The sun would be coming up soon and i was still stuck at work because of my stupid car. Please Please ......... PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Okay maybe it's better to walk .... it was 7:30 and it was in the winter so the sun would come up around 8:00 ..... Or run. I got out of my car before i did i grabbed my phone and my keys. As i'm walking away i lock my car. The streets are empty except for a few full on alcolholics walking around saying " Happy New Year " even though it is atleast four months away. I can see the sky slowly turning pink. My skin was already burning even in my awesome red plaid fedora and my black shades i could feel it like i was being baked. ( twenty minutes pass ) the sky was full on ( well almost ). I could see my house by now....... But i know i can't make it. The sun is way to hot .... I get knocked out.

I don't know how long i was out but i woke up with a crowd of angry people circling around me. A kid about eleven said to me "Your glowing ". " Not suprised i responded " .... " So you know your a vampire and that your frowned upon in every place you step into or even glance into and you know i have a wooden stake and cross right behind me and with any sudden movements i'm NOT afraid to go stabby on you " And might i remind you this kid is eleven " Okay i'm just getting up don't stab me " The kid backs up slightly. Giving me enough room ......TO BOLT. I ran and ran to my car and the sun was out too. All i remember is locking my door and a tapping. When i woke up i put the key in the egnition and drove away and now I'm telling you my story and yes this might sound silly but........ Vampires well there are different levels to them and not all terrible, and mean. So i really just want you to be nice to your neighbors ...... Most of them don't drink blood.

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