Left To Shine Bright

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Being bullied honestly sucks and i thought i would write how it feels.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



They made me shy.

They mad me cry several times.

It makes me feel sick.

It makes me tick.

With how they think there above this.

The tears roll down.

Down and hit the ground.

Now all i can do is frown.

It may take a while.

But i will smile.

It's hard to think

because in a wink

roumors start to spread.

They all make me feel dead.

They make me feel not worth it.

Like i have no purpose

They call me mean

They make me want to scream

The tears roll down

down and hit the ground

Now all i can do is frown

It may take a while

But i will smile

Every day i wake

They make me shake

Thinking about what words they will communicate

They push me down

Acting like they have the crown

I can't wait to get out

They make me shout

I want to cry in bed

Act like i'm dead

Act like i'm not breathing

Even though inside I'm Screaming

They won't let me smile

Not even for a little while

Because they push me down

They make me frown

Sometimes I'll yell

But it's like i'm in a long lost well

Because the don't hear

Not even when near

Or they really don't care

They make me want to disappear

No matter what they do to me

I act like it's not happening

I just want to smile

but for more then a little while

I should be left to live my life

I should be left to shine bright.

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