Nicole and Callies talk about guys. #1

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Nicole and i are talking on an ipod because Nicole is feeling down. Read and find out why. (is really cheesy but quite humorous and true)

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



Setting: okay heres a script that really happened. See a guy my friend Nicole likes walked away when she tried to ask him out. Bad right but it gets worse she thinks he's going out with her friend Liza and it sucks to think that a friend and your crush are going out.

The Talk with Callie/me
Nicole: I blame my self im the worst it always happens to me if it was Fran he would say yes in a heart beat.

Callie: Is not your fault you are beautiful if he's in his right mind OF COURSE he would say YES. You just need to know that he is a jerk if otherwise !!!!

Nicole: jerk or not I'll still like him don't you understand he's everything. I want him I'm not what he wants though. I'll never be perfect like Fran .

Callie: Have you heard of Jason he is everything to me and he said NO I sit with him every day but I get through it. Plus another half day is coming up and you said he sits behind you now so.........ask him then.

Nicole: I sit next to him in gym and music and back to back in class it sucks if I was Kayla I would have a chance I just don't have a chance

Callie: Don't tell Kayla don't trust her she has a BIG MOUTH hey and I'm trying to be supportive and think im doing good job

Nicole: I don't feel better and I won't untill he gives me a answer I don't care if it's no but then I'll know how he feels

Callie: You need to ask him first okay and look im trying and going soon check you email when you get home we can finish then kkkk

A couple days later on the bus.......

Nicole: I asked him again

Callie: So what did he say?

Nicole: umm he didn't respond......... He didn't hear me.

Callie: How could he! I told you he is a JERK and i'm sorry.

Nicole: I know but he's my jerk!

New Day Nicole was in a bad mood today i wonder why???

Setting: Nicole was in a bad mood today because Kylaan and the guy she likes Patrick were making fun of her. About her accent her clothes her hair and that her mom is in New Jersey. now i don't see how you can get bullied for that but ..... DOUSHBAGS do it.

(Nicole was crying and i was trying to cheer her up with my "clever remarks")

Nicole: i couldn't and i won't ask him never ever. I can't believe i liked him. He is such a jerk! (in tears)

Callie: Nicole it's okay he is a jerk a doushbag of higher levels but you can find someone better someone that treats you right. And it doesn't help that we are in 6th grade guys have no respect for woman.

Nicole: No joke. But it's Kylaan that starts it all. Everyone just copys him so they don't get bullied.

Callie: Then he's a follower, Not an original why see the newer version when you can see when it began.

Nicole: I know, I know you say that 24/7 but it still doesn't help i don't like Kylaan we don't talk we don't like the same things me and patrick do.

Callie: Okay don't yell at me. Do you want me to hurt him i'm telling you i'm not afraid and if i did it's only the second time ever so it's not like the principal can suspend or expell me.

Nicole: Second time!!!! Callie what DID you DO!!!

Callie: That's of topic at the moment it doesn't matter now. So can i!!!!!

Nicole: Absolutely NOT!!! (But you can get someone else to)

Callie: Gladly will, GLADLY!! WILL

I couldn't find anyone to beat up Kylaan so he is still walking and both his eyes are still there. But that sorely disappointed Nicole!

Callie saw Nicole with her hands over her face and called her name.

Callie: Nicole, Nicole! NICOLE!

This time she turned around but i saw the deep red streaks on her face and knew she had a bad day. I chased after her getting mud all over my original converse but at the moment i could not care less. I got yelled at by my principal (Not the first time) and i couldn't care less she yells for the most random reasons. I caught up to her while she was entering the bus. As she sat down i plopped down next to her. I pryed her hands from her face and gave her a tissue. After she blew her nose and wiped a ay her runniing makeup i started to talk to her.

Callie: Are you okay?

Nicole: Absolutely not!!! i don't want to deal with THEM any more!!!

Callie: I'm sorry you were stuck in that class and overjoyed at the same time. Because if you hadn't been you would never have met patrick. You would have never felt the way i do. Nicole I'm overjoyed and at the same time i want to punch patrick..... And Kylaan

I really want to stop caring BUT I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!

Nicole went to intermerals the day i went drama and we got released at the same time. As i saw her i knew that she was in a terrible mood and my mom was late anyway.

Callie: Hey whats going on?

Nicole: Terrible TERRIBLE things!!!!!!!!!!

Callie: Like what? I know it already includes Kylaan, and Patrick but?

Nicole: Yeah it does, There such "excuse my French" ASSHOLES!!!

Callie: Truth, But what did they do?

Nicole: First the were bagging on my dad for fixing computers for a living saying that i live in a rutty old one room frickin nasty apartment. Second remember when i went to vist my mom in New Jersey well i just found out that they where hoping my plane would frickin crash. And last but i'm sure theres more to frickin come this guy Nathan is a DOUSHBAG and keeps asking me if my mom is on Jersey Shore.

Small Switcheroo

I walked on the bus and several people had gotten on. Then Erin got on at first she didn't noticed me and sat with her friend but when her and her friend were done talking she looked at me and asked me.

Erin: Callie whats wrong?

Callie: Theres umm....(tears).........this stupid guy

Erin: what did he do?

Callie: Well he's the guy that asked me out and him and his friends have turned the whole class against me and i hate it!

Erin: Oh Callie move over

I was bent over in tears make up running every where

Then Nicole got on, she sat down and asked

Nicole: Whats wrong with Callie?

Erin: You know that guy tyler well he turned the whole class against her because she rejected him when he asked her out.

Since Erin moved back to her seat Nicole moved next to me.

Nicole: Callie this is a bit different usually your so bottled up. And i get that it's your whole class but helps me is thinking about the great friends i have outside of class!

With no difference

I walked into school confident thinking "This day will be better nothing will bring me down" and then as happy i was is how annoyed i got!

Tyler: Hey blonde here to come try to pass

Callie: Actually yes but i will and i'm gonna laugh when you don't

Tyler: Yeah sure atleast i don't kick like a girl

Callie: yeah but i can pull it off i am a girl, And atleast i don't run like a chicken like you!

Tyler: I don't know what that means (i run normally i'm a football player) but i think that was supposed to hurt. Och Och Callie look what you do to me i'm crying.( sarcastically)

Callie: Yeah yeah your hilarious can't you tell by my dull expression

Tyler: Ohh i just thought you looked normal but now i see you do look like that every day!

Callie: Screw you!

I storm off to my locker where Trinity and Cortez were.

Walking into my class Devon didn't make my life much easier but does he ever.

Devon: Hey blondie still obsessing over Tyler.

Callie: Never was never will you still obsessing over how awesomely blonde and shiny my hair is!

Devon: Yeah i am but thats not the reason why! I'm pretty sure your hair color has deeply effected your brain! I think you need some serious mental help. I'll sign you up!

Callie: okay see you on the other side. Ohh and don't be suspicous if your dorm starts on fire in exactly 2 days 40 minutes.

Devon: Ha ha see i'm laughing!

Callie: Yeah i have that effect on people!

Recess (same day)

I was walking around the track with my friends (keirstan and nicole) when tyler runs up to me!

Tyler: Hey will you go out with me

Callie: No will you leave me alone

Tyler: No, but why won't you say yes!

Callie: Because your a fuckin asshole! Bye!

Tyler: well thats not very nice language

Tyler comes up and kicks me in the leg! (It hurt alot) I chase after him slightly limping. Grab him by his sweatshirt hoodie and pull him back!

Callie: Apoligize you asshole for being mean to me and ever being born!

Tyler: I'm sorry

I let him go

Tyler: For you being so ugly!

Callie: If i'm so ugly why'd you just ask me out!

Tyler: Don't flatter yourself, It was a bet thanks to you i owe devon 5 dollars.

Callie: Your welcome any way i was in the middle of something until you rudely interrupted me with a stupid question!

Is it over!

No it wasn't !

I was about to walk off the bus and like he knew i was there Tyler was standing there talking to his friend. Of course i listened for a while!

Tyler: Yeah up in person and she still said NO!

Kylaan: Well maybe if you weren't such a jerk to her!

Tyler: Yeah but i thought thats what she would like

Kylaan: If you really like this chick

Tyler: I do really like her, And F.Y.I. that chicks name is Calene!

I walk off the bus amazed he liked me that much i had no idea!

Callie: Talking bout me!

Tyler: Don't flatter yourself

Callie: Oh and F.Y.I. the chick prefers Callie!

Tyler: Shit!

Kylaan: You heard that!

Callie: Almost every word!

Kylaan: Well i should go!

Callie: No, I want to hear what your amazing advice is. What would you do? Because Tylers not doing it right!

Tyler: Offensive

Callie: You shouldn't get offended by the truth!

Kylaan: Well i was going to suggest that he was nicer to you!

Callie: That could work but i think it needs more!

Kylaan: And that he actually has conversations with you!

Callie: That might help but those are amature, I know this might be you but trying something romantic, Roses something for her to think about oh and show her you not the fake you, that you pretend to be! Oh bye there letting people in and its freezing!

Tyler: SEE! shes hot

Kylaan: AND bossy!

Callie: Heard that!

Tyler: Shes not that bad!

The Fight

Im all excited i got a phone so i text nicole! oh and nicole has been asking for one for a while!

Callie: I got a phone its old but if i treat this one good ill get a better one!

Nicole:Wow cool!

Callie: Im sad that it cant take pictures but its still a phone im so happy !

Nicole: Oh shutup im sick of people bragging its so annoying so what you got a phone!

Callie: Chillax im just happy.

Nicole: Whatever look just drop the phone thing!

Callie: Okay?

Nicole: Im with kayla

Callie:oh tell her i say hi

Nicole: Okay

then kayla texts me

Kayla: Hey

Callie: Hey i went to the mall i got the best shirt

Nicole: See all you do is brag brag brag just shutup

Callie: OH COMING FROM YOU! you know what i actually worked and earned this phone but you just get down on your hands and knees and beg and they hand it to you thats not how it works at my house!

Nicole: Oh no you didn't and yes it is!

Callie: Oh really, because my house was expensive yes but my mom has to work in ohio sometimes to pay for it and my dad helps so much that some times he cant eat he starved himself for atleast a month and i asked for a phone my mom didn't just hand it to me i did special tings to teach my mom im responsible. You have everything and when i get something you don't have but want its terrible right!

Nicole: Well no but its not right and whatever just dont talk to me.

Callie: Fine!

Autumn my stepsister was in my room and is friends with her on facebook i just said for her to disconnect her but... this is what autumn said to her!

Autumn: Oh shutup you little brat your just gelly callie got a phone before you so suck it up and deal with it!

Nicole: Did you see what your step sis just said to me!

Callie: no what is it

Nicole: OH YOU LIAR! your sister just broke your last straw we are now through lose my number A.S.A.P.!

Callie: Gladly if you treat me like this then i don't know why we were friends in the first place!

Nicole: Lose MY NUMBER NOW!

Callie now talks to kayla bored and sad but knowing kayla was at Nicoles!

Callie: HEY are you mad at me too now?

Kayla: No but your sister made Nicole cry put this right callie!

Callie: No shes gonna come running back to me because i call her but she talks to me the most!

Kayla: Shes really pissed she wont get out of her bed!

Callie: Her loss she didn't see how much i help her without really doing anything!

Kayla: OKAY?????

The next day I thought kayla had left Nicoles house because well thats what she told me

Callie: Did you leave yet?

Kayla: Yeah im sitting on my bed.

Callie: Well i think Nicole overeacted!

Kayla: Why?

Callie: I don't know shes acting like i called her a bitch to her face and then smacked her!

Kayla: Ohh i kinda think she did too!

Callie: And her and kylaan are never gonna last the only reason ses dating him is to make Garot jealous!

Kayla: WHATEVER btw i never left Nicoles im still at her place.

Callie: Oh well! then

Kayla: Yeah and stop swearing its not cool!

Callie: Well since we are no longer friends ill tell you something Nicole called you a bitch on the bus and i stood up for you geuss i shouldnt have(WHICH BTW IS TRUE)

Kayla: She didn't call me a b you liar!

Callie: So your gonna pick a girl you've known for a year over me your best friend since like first grade!

Kayla: Yeah i choose nicole!

FUNNY, the choices we make.

Kayla: Callie, I'm really sorry about what I did. You are so right, Nicole over reacted. She made me write all of those things, and if I didn't she said I would be down another friend. I never meant to hurt you and afterward I yelled at her for being such a selfish bitch, and I said that everything you said was true.

Callie: Look it's okay I kinda guessed that it wasn't really you talking, because you sware and Nicole doesn't.

Kayla: You know how you said that she called me a bitch?????

Callie: Yeah, what about it?

Kayla: She denied it when I asked her if she did, but the day after she admittedt hat she did............. AND THAT SHE JUST "FORGOT"

Callie: HAH!!! I TOLD YOU. She called you it because you and Fran just laughed when Patrick and Ky made fun of her.

Kayla: SOOOOO!!! It was funny, and for once everyone didn't love her like usuall. So we laughed, she does the same when they make fun of Fran and I.

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