No More Fairytales!

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Submitted: February 24, 2012

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Submitted: February 24, 2012




Luna - A main character best friend is lillia is the most popular but not very self centered

Lillia - A main character best friend is luna middle popular and can be very selfish

Emmet - the jerk hot guy of the school no one nows why they like him but they do

Derek - the nice hot guy no one really likes him because he has an attitude to everything

Ariety - third most popular she overeacts to everything and likes to hear herself talk

Marie - a not very popular girl but is very nice but slightly crazy and is bound for love

Quinton - the crazy weird girly cheesy guy that is bound to marry marie

Nathen - the hottest poetry writer there is and ever has been and he has a sensitive side!

Nicole - the very stuck up popular girl she gets what she wants no questions asked

James - Nicoles secret crush but he doesnt know he likes nicole too but he will make her popularity fall underground

Cole - the most ever jerky player poetry writer who seems sensitive but he is just an act

Alicia - Arietys back up friend for whenever luna and lillia get mad at her

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