The Best Friend Test

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This is a test. If you don't pass your not qualified (sorry but i have strict restrictions)

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



The best Friend Test (Pass or Die)

Question's coming up

(1) Do you believe in gay rights?

A. NO!

B. Kinda


(2) Do you believe in the rights of Black and white people?

A. No only white

B. I believe in both!

C. No only black!

(3) If a large war started would you?

A. Fight for your country

B. Try but then give up and hide in a corner

C. Never try, just hide

(4) Your friend had the worst day would you?

A. Ignore the fact and continue talking to your friends

B. Try to make her feel better

C. Rub in her face that you had the BEST day ever

(5) Your boyfriend/Girlfriend wants to break up you would?

A. Not really care

B. Ask why and then leave the subject alone

C. Cry in a corner for the rest of the day

D. Resist the break up and say that you two are still dating

(6) Would you ever smoke?

A. NO!

B. I don't know, Maybe

C. YES!!!!

(7) How many boy/girl friends have you had?

A. 5 or below

B. 10 or below

C. 10 or above

D. 20 or above

(8) You prefer to color with?

A. Color Pencils

B. Crayons

C. Markers

(9) Would you get a tatoo? Would it be important or random?

A. Yes, Important

B. No

C.Yes, Random

(10) If you had a genie what out of these would you ask for? (you only get one question)

A. All the money you could dream of

B. To have super powers

C. Your, friends, and family's health

D. Other, And what is it

Please give me your answers in the COMMENT place. Otherwise i just did this because i was BORED!!

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