The Rabbit

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It's a story about loneliness,beauty, and nature. I wrote it for fun, so I didn't use the best grammar and vocabulary.

Submitted: August 09, 2013

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Submitted: August 09, 2013



The Rabbit

It was a cold morning in January. There wasn't a sound to be heard throughout all of the wood and the meadows of International Falls, Minnesota. The trees looked like distorted people from afar.  The snow was 1' 2" deep, deep enough to cover most of your shins. In the distance there was a black figure which contrasted with the angelic white hills. The black figure was making its way down the hill to the small lake. The figure's name was Philip, he was going fishing as he does every Saturday morning. He was a connoisseur when it came to fishing. Philip lived alone in a small cottage about three or four miles south of the lake. His wife had died fifteen years ago. He had two sons, but they left him as soon as they turned eighteen to live in town and work at the paper mill.

Philip fished not only as a recreational activity, but for dinner as well. He didn't mind living in poverty for he had no one to care for but himself. He carefully placed his fishing pale under him and sat in the center of the frozen lake. He begun drilling the hole through which his fishing line would go through. Finally he took out his container of live bait, (minnows) and carefully inserted the hook within the small fish's mouth. He ripped the hook out the gill of the fish, causing it to hang in the upright position. He looked into the minnow's eye. He thought about how awful it must be to be forced into freezing cold water, and as if that weren't enough torture, it would then be slaughtered by a fish twenty times its size. He would immolate the minnow for his own dinner. Philip quickly dismissed the thought as he realized it was of no importance.

He dropped the line into the water and waited. He just waited. Nothing moved, nothing made a sound. Philip was used to the tranquility and feeling of being alone. He hadn't talked with anyone for at least a month. He wasn't very fond of people in general. After a certain point in his life he had realized that everyone's so quick to judge others yet it takes them a lifetime to evaluate themselves. He was an atheist and was very opposed to structured religion. He believed in a god of some sort and an afterlife, but nothing like what the churches describe it as. Philip's religion is nature. He see's divine beauty in everything natural or organic. 

He looked across the lake, saw a buck and it's fawn. A fox approached, but the father deer quickly scared it off in attempt to protect its young. Philip thought back to when he was a kid. He remembered how kind and loving his mother was to him. She was his sanctuary. Even though she'd been dead for about twenty years, he still found amenity in the thought of her. His dad on the contrary was an abusive drunk. When he thought of his father he felt hate and rage inside. Philip had always questioned why he had been raised by such an awful person. When Philip raised his children he tried as hard as he could to not make the same mistakes that his father made, and follow in the footsteps of his mother.

Deep in thought, Philip felt a slight pressure on his line. He began to reel in. The pressure became greater and greater until his rod was bent so much it looked like it could break. With a quick snap of the wrist he tugged the fish up onto the surface of the ice. It was a 21" Walleye Pike. He was very amused with the fish he had just caught and began to feel proud of himself. He endeavored to catch at least three decent sized fish to last him the week. He put the fish in the cooler, put a new minnow on the hook and in the line went. This time he was in an encouraged mood. Philip then sat an waited, patiently waited.

Philip soon found himself sleepy and indolent. His eyes felt like they had fifty pound weights on each eyelid. He couldn't keep his eyes open. He finally gave up and just decided to take a brief nap. He dreamt of a rabbit sprinting through the sugar coated woods. He didn't know why the rabbit was running so fast. He found himself desperate to find the reasoning behind the rabbit  running. Just as he began to be annoyed, he saw why the rabbit was running. There was a great black wolf with murder in his hazel eyes. He wanted dinner. The rabbit started to slow down. He was getting tired, he had no energy left. This made Philip stressed, he wanted the rabbit to keep pushing for his life. The wolf then pounced on the rabbit, ripping it to shreds. The red splattered all over the snow. The black wolf ran home with its prey, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Philip woke up to see his line being pulled yet again, but  this time the fish was bigger. "It must be one of them Northern Pike," he thought to himself. He tried to use the same tactic as before. The quick flick of the wrist. This time the line snapped, causing Philip to recoil onto the ice. His body hit the surface of the ice with such impact that the ice broke immediately. Philip was submerged into the freezing cold lake. He was in shock as he began to sink in the bleak water. The water was so foggy due to plankton and other bacteria, that he couldn't discern the rupture in the ice. He placed his hands on the ice in attempt  to find the broken patch, but he assumed it had been frozen over. He didn't want to give up like that rabbit in his dream, but what other choice did he have. "Maybe death wouldn't be so bad after all," he thought. He had nothing to live for anyways. No one loved him, and his children couldn't care less about him.

He then let the ice cold water enter his lungs. It was the worst sensation he'd ever felt. He knew it would be over briefly. He was giving up. As his vision became dark he thought of his mother and how he would be reunited with her. He would again be in his sanctuary with her. Philip had drowned.

It was then when a rabbit sprinted over the top of the ice, a black wolf on its tail. The rabbit hopped over the thin ice where Philip has fallen through a short time ago. The black wolf failed to see the precarious ice and fell strait through it. The rabbit kept on running. The rabbit was now free.

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