If i could write a letter to God, this is what I would say.

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What God means to me?

Dear God,

Theres been both good and bad the past few years,

some regrets, many mistakes, hopelessness and fear but you've

been there with me through it all. I was always afraid that everything would

crumble and fall apart before my eyes, and in the end it did. But to everyone that

thinks it stays that way, you're wrong, The pieces glue back together and hope seems to

flow in the air again. Strength starts to increase and the mind regains peace. Things were okay for the first time.

Thank you for stopping all the fights, for changing him, for changing her, for changing the whole house. Thank you for the

peace that lets me sleep at night. Thank you for letting me smile again, and have something to smile for. Thank you for letting my brothers and sister

be well. Thank you for giving them hope. Thank you for keeping my mother alive. Thank you for giving me a second chance. I believe deeply in you and that you exsist.

I believe that one day you will judge me and my sins and i will walk down a sunny path, or a burning one. I believe everything will be okay as long as your living in my hear.


Thank you.

a 16 year old girl.




ps. thank you for instead of a bloody angry agressive fight, a job done by familys teamwork! I WANT to cry of happiness. I love you God.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Roargle Headspin

If I could write a letter to god, this is what it would say.

"God, I hope you get this letter because I'm writing it on a piece of paper and have no way of actually sending it.

However, due to your clairvoyance and general divinity I feel that the message will reach you anyway. Actually, I probably don't even need to write, but just think it however what I write will be more concrete as to what I actually want to say.

If you could write me back, preferably with giant stone tablets forged in eternal fire then I could prove your existence all the the world.

Although knowing your existence truly may not be the best thing for the world.

When you do things right, people aren't sure you've really done anything at all.

So maybe forgo the stone tablets and just send in a combustible paper copy so I can read it and maybe get back to you depending on the contents.

Just something to know you're listening, aware and will take my thoughts into consideration and/or under advisement.

God, first let me tell you how I felt when I was a boy. I felt as if I was more intelligent then most of the other football throwing children at my school and my advanced vocabulary often got me one or two many thrashings from people who felt threatened by my superiority.

Then again, I wasn't really superior. Only in a few regards.

Intelligence doesn't necessarily exist in a grand scope, people are more intelligent in certain ways.

They definitely possessed a far superior physical ability then I could and their muscle memory was absolutely superb, while my regular memory was just as great.

However, they weren't interested in anything academic, in fact I wasn't really either.

I enjoyed games, and sometimes spelling tests, simple things that I could always ace absolutely.

I hadn't been exposed to betters yet in the terms of academics so naturally I thought I was the best.

People can tend to do that when they're young and haven't been put in their place yet by people of a far superior ability in their hobbies or pursuits.

No, I was under the impression that I was great and when in reality I was a normal person like everyone else, just far less sociable because of my kindhearted naive nature.

I was quiet in which other people see that as you being strange.

They hate you for it.

In all my life I've been a leech of sorts, not in the traditional blood sucking way of course, although I'm sure that would have its' practical applications as well.

No, I was a "Fit in" person. However I was one at such a young age I never developed a real personality of my own, for a long, long time.

However, I didn't fit in nor was I really a fit in person.

I was more of a shut-in person. I felt as if displays of my hobbies, generally playing with things or having personal items in and around my desk was an opportunity, a way, a means of others finding something to pick me apart with.

To belittle, to insult.

I never gave my real age to people, online, or in person if I could help it.

Generally steered away from personal interest and hobby talk with others.

Which I believe really offset my entire childhood in terms of friendships with others.

I feel it is what shaped me as who I am today, a person who generally prefers to be alone and unsocial.

I don't like being alone though, in truth I like being with others, or at least I want to like being with others.

Having no sort of contact with other humans can drive a person to insanity, or extreme loneliness, yet being alone is more safe, more simple. It's easier.

Maintaining relationships with others is difficult and I find that friendships hardly if ever last.

Romantic relationships are another thing, they generally seem to be worth a lot or, worth everything as they say.

A companion to share yourself and your life with however I often find myself questioning whether or not such a thing is worth it.

Being with some one for five, ten years and finding out that it doesn't work or they're unhappy.

I'm unsure as to how anyone could actually withstand and take that kind of pain or rejection or the fear of it.

In another way being with others is a lot of effort. So you're putting in a lot of effort, a lot of yourself, for potentially hazardous or terrible results.

So is it worth it? there's either extreme happiness or extreme sadness to be gained by all this.

I guess that's how the game is played, difficult to play, with great and rewarding prizes but with potential devastating results.

Soon enough one is forced to get out into the world in a big way, work, start a new family, live, socialize with a variety of different people often operating outside of ones' comfort zone.

Back to me as a child though lord, I grew up from there and eventually turned into a teenager who at this point was forging his own personality with people he knew and were already friends with, few though they were but largely keeping unsociable to those not known.

A stranger is just a friend they've never met, so people say but usually a stranger seems like an enemy they've never met.

The strange thing about this all is, Highschool.

Once people transition from lower school life to highschool it seems that they become more mature almost overnight, they stop or cut down on ruthlessly giving others a difficult time and are more mature over all.

However, the damage is already done quite possible irreparable at this point.

Thank you for listening lord, I would appreciate some form of acknowledgement but that's okay if you can't, sincerely.

Your friend."

Thu, January 5th, 2012 11:27am


is this suppose to be making fun of me?
cause if it is i literally don't give a fuck.

Thu, January 5th, 2012 5:03pm

Edgar Dark Season

Read Gains Of Cost

Thu, January 5th, 2012 12:06pm

Roargle Headspin

No, you shared what your letter to God would be.

I shared mine.

Fri, January 6th, 2012 2:01am


Sorry about what i said, I'm sorry about your life man

Thu, January 5th, 2012 9:04pm

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