In The Year 2525

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past, present, future?

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



The year is 2025 and a having job was ancient history. Machines did the work now, and there wasn't anything we could do that a machine couldn't do. They practically never brook down and ran twenty four seven. They didn't eat or sleep and they became the new slaves of man. The problem is they could not think or solve problems, that's were we came in. Man never knew why he only used one third of his brain or now to activate the other two thirds. It seemed we loved to look in all the wrong places; we discovered secrets of other planets but knew little about our own. We picked the brains of animals some extinct, some with similar anatomy to ourselves. The answers were made known fifteen years earlier when the planets came into alignment, and tne giant clock we call the solar system started over twelve O clock high. Many people thought this was the end of days and for most it was. The ones who evolved suddenly knew the answer to every question man has ever asked in the past There was no more mystery kept from man, he was now the alpha and the omega. The meek inherited the earth! But first. My first memory of mortality was given to me from my Great Grandmother, I was four years old. Death had never entered my mind, and I thought a life time went on forever. I even thought I would be a little boy and my parents would stay at there age as well as my Grandparents through eternity. As these mysteries were unfolded and became common knowledge I was fearful to even contemplate my own expiration date. As an only child I had plenty of alone time to fathom the facts of life and death. I divided my age in to my parent's age, then it seemed a long time, and even longer when I divided using my great Grand Mother age. I learned about death when a local radio station announced the death of Al Shade who was my Great Grandmothers favorite Gospel D.J. and we listened everyday. She told me he was in the well and every now and then I lifted one of the
planks and looked for him. I don't know why but she also told me the world was going to come to an end at the year two thousand. I was shocked to find out this would come in my lifetime and each year I counted down the time remaining. I felt cheated when I realized I would only be forty seven. "Welcome to Time Square for the big countdown and the dropping of the ball ringing in the new millennium, but first the Spice Girls take the center stage to perform there new hit." Announced Dick Clark, his voice was now shaking from age related illness. As I sat there remembering when my parents watched Band Stand and Dick was in his prime spinning the old 45's like "Splish Splash," I was taking a bath on a Saturday night, "Purple People Eater" and "Western Movies." My generation got a real laugh at that lame shit, and for us music took a real serious turn. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius was upon us. L.S.D., Pot, uppers, downers, and all arounders, tune in turn on and trip out. Our parents gave us the war in Viet Nam to straiten out a generation based on peace and love and if that didn't work there was always "Dragnet" staring Jack Web. Jack was a real strait dude with a pole shoved up his ass and only smiled when he was shaving a kid's head with a rusty razor blade. Oh the fun we had back in the good old days. As that ball dropped in 2000 I waited for the space ships, bombs, God, but nothing but a new year arrived. My Great Grandmother was wrong we get to live! From that point I have been searching and asking, "WHY." It wasn't long until the answer was reviled to the inhabitants of Earth!It took years to dispose the bodies of the narrow minded control freaks, the money grubbers and the haves that dangled the carrot of success in front of the have not's. Yea they died in the dirt in an instance right before the eyes of those they oppressed with there laws, taxes, and jails. Ashes to ashes dust to dust there great accomplishment in there life was to become fertilizer and there weapons turned into our plow shares. We knew what had happened and from the looks on there faces at that glorious second they knew there fate was sealed upon there foreheads. It was God way of thinning the heard. Tick lock tick lock at that moment the great magnets came into alignment and if you were wired with the true God of the Universe your mind opened up like a lap top between your ears, and there was nothing to learn any more. We were all knowing pure of mind and soul, one with the Universe, Star light Stare bright. We sang a new song now no more sad country or the blues no cop killer rap or war songs. All negative thoughts faded out of are minds like the sun setting on the horizon a new day with a new way and the past was over.

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