One by One say's the Mouse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
The death of a family and a talking mouse.

Submitted: April 06, 2014

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Submitted: April 06, 2014



To get us all started,

And party on rockin,

I'll have to let you know,

This poem is set by the ocean,

In a house not far from the,

I hope you enjoy this nightly tale,

Of which you came to seek:


There once was a man named Genevive,

Named after his aunt,

He hung him self with wires one day,

His family was distraught,

Ever since his sister Adam,

Couldn't leave the house,

Up until an eventful day,

When this sister found a mouse,

The mouse could speak,

And more than one,

English, French, and Fon,

The mouse gave the poor girl a fright,

She died of a broken lung,

There mother fell silent,

As did dear ol' dad,

And the days passed away,

Until sorrow won,

The mom grabbed a gun,

And dad blew his brains away.

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