When a Photographer Captures a Writer

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When two different type of artists meet

Submitted: January 03, 2018

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Submitted: January 03, 2018



Sitting on a park bench by the lake, writing away storylines and plot ideas into a notebook, the writer took cautious inspirations from the ducks wading in the water, the children running around, two men playing their guitars in the grass, and just how the wind would blow. She wrote of guitar notes making the wind blow, the laughter of children controlling the clouds to get further away for a bright sunny day. She wrote of the birds’ songs becoming the same tune as the guitars making the wind blow stronger having different smells in the air of freshly baked pies, and the newly fallen pine cones come over the scenery like the ocean breeze coming into the boardwalk. Lost in her writing she sped up a bit, her expression full of curiosity for what her mind would write onto the pages.

A photographer a few yards away was taking pictures of the lake with the ducks and geese and some fishermen, but stopped to look at the writer. She saw the glint in the writer's eye of imagination.

Her facial expression focused yet wandering that could never be recreated, no matter how good of an actor someone may be. How her hand held her pen, gliding along the pages. How her mouth had a slight smile that wouldn't be seen unless someone had studied enough facial expressions to know what pride and creativity look like when focused.

She grabbed her camera and put it up against her eye. Through the lense, the writer continued writing in the left corner of the scenery, the focus was on her and the background blurred with a willow tree. The sun illuminating the writer's face at such the perfect angle. She took the shot.

The writer didn't move at the sound of the camera and continued writing. Another shot was taken, this time a bit closer. The writer's hair was more pronounced, falling down like a dark waterfall with the sun brightening through making it frame her face in such a way that the writer looked almost magical.

This time the writer did smile. Smiled with glee and a bit of mischief. She looked up and  the photographer gave her the camera to see the pictures. The writer looked at the photos, gave the camera back and finished writing. The writer gave the photographer the small letterwhich said the following,

Hello dear Photographer,

Seeing you try to sneak pictures is quite fun so I thought I’d write you something in return of this graciously made photo shoot. So I wrote you a little story of a writer and a photographer.

“Sitting on a park bench…”

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