Forever Demon

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They say it is better to move on, but for others your wrong.

Submitted: November 09, 2007

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Submitted: November 09, 2007



Garenth walked through the halls of King Dunvora’s castle. The building was made of strong white marble. The King’s banners were placed all down the hallways, a red flag with a blue dragon in the middle. Every once and awhile a mounted head was found in place of a banner. The heads were trophies of great victories from wars and assaults. King Duvora was well known as a great conqueror. He had the most well trained knights in all the land. His three greatest units were the Cloud Knights, Shadow Knights, and Demonic Knights. They were all trained from the time they could hold blade and fought until the very end.

Garenth came to a grand door and pushed his way in. He interrupted a ceremony, he figured it was a knighting. From a sheath, he pulled free a long sword. All the knights in the chamber released free their weapons and got prepared for a simple fight. Garenth looked around at all the knights, but he couldn’t find any that he was looking for. They were just guard knights, nothing special. With a deep breath he searched the crowd of knights one more time, he knew he could find one he was looking for. A sight caught his eye, it was the glimmer of light that reflected off a Cloud Knight’s perfectly clean armor.

The Cloud Knight had a scythe tied down to his back and a sword in hand. His armor was not needed to point out that he was a Cloud Knight, they way he stood in a fighting position screamed out to Garenth that he was trained in that way. He could not see the face of this well brought up knight, for he had a winged helmet. The cape that this man wore was finely knitted from the spider’s silk from the north. His sword was well crafted and made of, from what Garenth could see, dragon scale adamantine, a very rare and expensive metal. Of all things though that caught Garenth’s attention, it was the scythe. Hours of work must have been poured into making such a well-crafted weapon.

King Dunvora walked down from his chair and the knighting he was currently doing. He held a jeweled sword and gripped it so tight his knuckles were turning white, which meant he wasn’t much of a trained warrior. The king took in a deep breath and examined the man in front of him, what was he here for?

“You dare enter m chamber during a knighting of a Shadow Knight,” King Duvora said still gripping his sword harder than he should. “What do you need or want, but I suggest before you speak, hold your tongue on anything you might regret.”

“I have heard of your greatness, but seeing you in person is so much greater,” Garenth said. “A great conqueror, a great King, a man with great followers, and someone with a propose. Yet you are the reason I come here, you are taking to much land and I am your messenger to say that its… over.”

“Guards!” the King shouted and all the knights in the room circled around the room.

The king turned to run behind his guards, but before reaching there a sharp blade came through his chest. He looked down at the metal in lodged in his body and fell to his knees. Quickly Garenth drew his blade from the once great man. He watched all the guards around him, waiting for something to happen and a way out. The guards didn’t move as if dumb struck that someone could even kill someone so mighty. In the corner of his eyes he saw someone was pushing through the crowd. It was the Cloud Knight.

The Cloud Knight studied his foe and looked for any weaknesses in his stance, but something wasn’t quite right. It was a stance he had seen so often, but he couldn’t search through the adrenaline to find the answer to his question. The one observation that he really couldn’t grasp was that he had two swords, the one in his hand and one sheathed to his back. The sword he had just used to kill his beloved King was not the odd thing, the sword on his back was. It was wide and had no tip at the end, it was just flat tipped. Flat tipped swords were used by the Demonic Knights and it was a hard style of fighting to master. So how could an imposter use such a weapon that he most likely stole of a dead Demonic Knight.

“Now why would you go and do something so feeble as that, our King, our Lord, our Master,” the Cloud Knight said through his helmet. “I’m afraid to tell you that I will have to bury you with the rest of the scum that think of themselves as great assassins.”

“Well, sir,” Garenth said, “I don’t think of myself as wonderful and great assassin, I just am one. Because if you haven’t noticed your King is dead here on the floor, and I think that means I’m a fast killer which would make me that or your King has eaten a little more on the fatty side and is to slow to run for cover.”

The Cloud Knight roared as he rushed the intruder. His sword ripped through the air towards Garenth in a wide ‘U’ shape. The killer’s own blade was brought up to meet the Cloud Knight’s in a sharp clash. Garenth rose his foot and kicked the Cloud Knight square in the waist sending him to the floor. He turned and ran his way out of the chamber, dodging the guard’s weapons, and jumping over any obstacle that would drag him to the ground like the root of a tree pulls down the innocent to their face.

Garenth broke out in a fast sprint running down the hallways. With a glance over his shoulder, he witnessed the Cloud Knight followed by the guards chasing him down. A grin came across his face as he knew he had an advantage because he had no heavy armor on. Leaping out a window, he landed in a pile of hay and got quickly to his feet to keep running. After running out of the surrounding castle village, pushing his way through poor innocent people, and sneaking past the watch and guards.

He stopped running when he came to a forest line. The chase was over and the only one still behind was the Cloud Knight. Garenth turned to face the knight. The knight sheathed his sword and took the scythe from it resting spot. Doing the same, Garenth sheathed his sword and drew the sheathed sword from his back. That was when the Cloud Knight knew it was a Demonic Knight’s sword, because it made of a black metal and had inscriptions written in red along the sides.

“I deeply understand now,” the Cloud Knight said. “You are the Demonic Knight that the King tortured and brought you to the edge of your life, until that day you escaped. I thought it was a myth, I have heard so much of you. Some say your just the walking dead, some say your demon, and some say your just a body without a soul. I’m not sure which it is or if any, but from the stories I heard, you were the man that lost your family to be trained as a Demonic Knight.”

“It is not just me, every man trained as a Demonic Knight is forced to kill their beloved,” Garenth swallowed down the lump in his throat. “That’s how they got their name, but I came here for much more.”

It was silent, the knight wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but he discovered the reason when he found an extreme pain running from his feet to his chest.

“You are fast,” the Cloud Knight coughed.

“That’s how we got our name,” Garenth smiled as blood came trickling through the Cloud Knight’s helmet and he fell to the ground. “I came for much

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