Grace in Pain

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Some enjoy the game of war, others are forced into it.

Submitted: November 09, 2007

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Submitted: November 09, 2007



The eerie screams echoed through out of the large forest to meet the peaceful village and strike fear into the hearts of the poor folk. It was a hard days ride from Lord Oritha’s castle and all his knights. The village had few guards and they weren’t the greatest trained warriors in the land. The farmers looked for anything they could use to save themselves, of course ending up with a hay fork. The guards rushed their way to the outskirts of the village looking into the deep soul of the dark forest.

The night gave everything a rush of terror stacked on top of the villagers fear making the situation worse than it might be. The clouds covered the moon cause the land to be unlit. The nightly mist was just beginning to set and brought a chilly breeze whisking through the log houses. The village was silent, everyone including the animals wanted to find out what was out there. It was fear in the eyes of the guards as they watched the forest line, but in the pits of their soul they had curiosity to see what could be causing such a disturbance in the forest.

Hearts pounding the guards slowly moved their eyes around watching for any movement in the trees. Nothing came so everyone of them began to breath faster as suspense and anticipation began to drive them to insanity. All the guards were wearing heavy iron armor which began to grow a frost layer over the top and making toes and fingers numb. One guard drew his sword and held his shield in a defensive stance in front of his body.

A loud cracking came from the forest breaking the silence and turning the anticipation into sharp dread that was so harsh that it felt like a painful knife ripping its way into the body. All the guard prepared, waiting for the sight of an enemy to come charging their way towards the village. After the resonance of the cracking sound the surrounding area went dead with silence, all that could be heard was the harsh breathing of the guards as if they had just ran a mile in the heavy armor.

Shrieks came from not the forest floor, but high in the tree tops. From the green sea of the trees came a legion of blood thirsty bird creatures. They were all very colorful with shades of red and hues of green, but their look didn’t calm the guards about the fact that they carried wicked weapons. Jagged teeth scythes, harpoon spears, hooked and barbed swords, and long blades attached to chains. The sinister beasts were so war life-styled that they even sharpened their beaks to tear their way to victory.

The tyrants gained distance on them and prepared for an easy meal. all of the guards were ready, but they knew they were out numbered fifteen to a hundred. One guard couldn’t take it, he dropped his sword and shield and ran for his life, thinking he might get away before the talon’s tore into his back. They all began to shake as they could see a blood drive in the creature’s eyes.

The birds were almost on them when from out of the shadows, riders came rushing through slashing at the beasts and sending them to the ground. The guards couldn’t see who they were, but they were washed with a sense of relief as they knew they were saved for the night. Wails came from the beasts as they were slain one by one.

What seemed like hours pasted, even though it was only a minute or two the killing was over. The captain from the horse warriors walked up to the knights. They all saw a man with a bloodied scythe and sword. His armor was stained black from charcoal and had stains of blood from the recent and past battles. He bowed his head to the guards and kicked his horse to run off with his men.

“I quit,” one guard said and walked back to the village.

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