The Mermaid (Parts 1 & 2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem and short story of the romance between a man and a mermaid.

The Mermaid Part One


The evening was cool and the sky was so clear
The ripples of waves were all I could hear
The moon shone bright and the stars twinkled on high
Then out of nowhere came so seductive a sigh
I looked out to sea to whence the sound came
And my eyes believed they were playing a game
For as waves lapped around a rock out at sea
I saw a beautiful vision who was staring at me
Naked as love she sat all alone
On that rising edifice of black granite stone
Her body so wondrous that I shook with lust
But a smile so pure that my thoughts were unjust
Her hair was entangled with luscious green kelp
That protected her modesty without any help
It hung down over breasts so excitingly full
And covered the parts that are made to enthral
My mind was taken by this girl of my dreams
But as I looked closer all was not as it seems
For legs this beauty she was completely bereft
And a long fishy tail is all she had left
Then with a smile that made my heart stop still
She slipped into the water and I saw she was real
For she dived like a dolphin under the sea
And all that was left were the ripples and me


The End........or is it? 


The Mermaid Part 2


The man with the tear soaked eyes walked along the beach for the thousandth time, his hands were shaking and his lips quivering in the cold, he constantly looked out to sea, where was she, would she ever return, would she mend his broken heart. He had but caught a fleeting glimpse of this beauty as she preened herself on that ancient granite rock, but a glimpse was all it had taken; he was completely besotted by this angel from the deep.
Even now, weeks after the event he could still see every tiny detail of his wondrous vision, the sparkling brown eyes that outshone the sun, and the kelp entangled hair that seemed to be alive with light and glistened with the reflection from the moon. Her heaving breasts that had caused the man in him to want her body for his own sexual pleasures, and that oh so innocent smile that had replaced the pure animal lust within him with a more protective desire to take her in his arms and cherish her.
He had not kept her appearance a secret, he had told everyone he had met, and he had talked and talked and talked. He wanted to tell everyone about his dream girl, his mermaid from the deep, his beautiful fish tailed siren. But would they listen to him? The answer was no, a resounding no. He was laughed at, ridiculed, pointed at and made out to be the village idiot, just because he wanted to share what he had seen. But he didn’t care, he would see her again, he knew he would see her again; he had to see her again, otherwise, well otherwise he would go crazy.
Another tear ran down his face as he once again looked at the vacant rock where his angel had once sat and realised that maybe they were right, maybe he was mad, just a demented old fool, someone that had let his dreams overtake reality. His heart wrenched tear fell to the sand and along with his hopes and dreams soaked into nothingness; He turned away and looked no more, he must preserve his sanity at all costs so he walked away and returned to the boredom of his sad uneventful life.
So he was not there an hour later when a ripple formed in the water as a dream like beauty pulled herself from the sea and perched on her favourite granite rock. She looked around, but he was not there, maybe it was her imagination but she was sure she had seen love in his eyes, maybe if she waited he would return, but no, she was being foolish, she slipped off the rock once more and plunged deep into the dark forbidding sea, back to reality she told herself, back in the water where nobody could see her tears.


The End

Submitted: March 19, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Rod Blakeman. All rights reserved.

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