"America Goodbye"

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The falling of a nation!!

Submitted: November 15, 2006

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Submitted: November 15, 2006



"America Goodbye"


Say goodbye to the red, white and blue,

the flag of our fathers, which they proudly flew.


Say goodbye to the rights, which we valued so dear,

and the laws of our land, we held so near.


Say goodbye to the prairies, with the wide open sky,

and the rivers and valleys and the mountains so high.


Say goodbye to the famous, who showed us their fame,

or the man with no money, who stood without shame.


Say goodbye to the rich, and goodbye to the poor,

say goodbye to the families, who can’t give any more.


Say goodbye to the politics and the games they both played,

Say goodbye to our dreams, as we watch them fade.


Say goodbye to the Christian, or the Amish or Jew,

Say goodbye to the belief and the Atheist too.


Say goodbye to the peace and equality we endure,

Say goodbye to the will, that can’t fight anymore.


Say goodbye to the soldier, who went off and died,

and say goodbye to the mother, who proudly cried.


Say goodbye to our fore fathers, and their belated tears,

Say goodbye to our history, of 200 years.


Say goodbye, say goodbye, say goodbye,

Say goodbye to our freedom, goodbye to our pride.


So, say goodbye to America, for its time to go,




James Roddy

24 Oct 2006

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