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idk wat to say for thisone

Submitted: March 21, 2008

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Submitted: March 21, 2008



I lay here now and i know it's my time so chain my feet, chain these hands, make sure all this pain is worth dieing for. I feel the stake going through my skin i

feel the blood that drips out of these holes. I  look at ur face for it shows me that im dieing but it's for you. All this pain is just my love for you that

ill take anything no matter how much it hurts. Than it hits me plying through my heart a black medal stake with nails on all sides. it slices my heart and rips it

into shreds all that's left is holes in the heart that held the love for you. Than they leave me just to hang and rot but u ran to me with tears running down, you held

me tight and said plz don't leav me that this world is only spinning with u by my side. i look at u with a smile and said dont worry im never leaving u no matter

what they do to me they can't kill the love that's inside of me for you. Love is so powerful it makes people do stupid things and also makes people invincible

in all ways. "I might die i might be gone from ur side in picture but i'll never be gone from ur side if u look deep down inside ur self. i'll always be there part of ur

heart as u r mine". love is unbreakable in all ways and i'm still going to protect you no matter how hard it may seem to bealive. I always be somewhere right

behind you and if u look hard enough u'll fined all the places im in just watching my love walk her line...

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