Powers Not Delegated

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Rodney Page Books

Author Rodney Page weaves a riveting and suspenseful saga of an administration plagued by corruption and erupting scandals leading to inevitable criminal cover-ups that escalate to blackmail . . . and much worse. A legal challenge to the administration’s overt violation of First Amendment rights makes its way to the Supreme Court, itself on the verge of succumbing to Washington’s creeping deception.
An evil alliance between Al Qaeda and Iran plots the murder of thousands of Americans, but the danger is ignored by distracted politicians more intent on subverting the Constitution in order to retain power. Already rocked by a corrupt and disintegrating administration, the nation is paralyzed as terrorists successfully infiltrate the southern border and make their way undetected to their targets.
In the midst of a government run amuck, remarkable courage is displayed by a group of governors, the CEO of an automobile company, and a congressman from coastal Georgia as they fight to bring the country back from the abyss. But are they too late?

Table of Contents

Powers Not Delegated

Against a backdrop of a corrupt Democratic administration, an out-of-touch Republican Party, and demons resulting from combat during the first Gulf War, Georgia Congressman Tyler Armistead faces enormous obstacles if he chooses to run for president as the Liberty Party candidate.

The Democratic administration is plagued by corruption: manipulation of the world’s securities and currency markets, attempts to fraudulently alter Census data to impact apportionment, and blackmail of a Supreme Court Justice to influence an important First Amendment case. The administration must eliminate any and all threats to its power.

The administration’s appeasement policies result in unintended consequences. A resurgent Al Qaeda senses weakness and renews attacks on the United States. Iran, threatened by the success of Iraq’s political and economic democracy, must take action, further threatening the global balance.

Remarkable courage displayed by a group of governors and the CEO of an automobile company convince Tyler he must run. But can he win? Can he effect change quickly and expediently enough? Can the reluctant congressman from coastal Georgia bring the country back from the abyss?

...available October 30, 2012 Read Chapter