Happy birth day

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Happy birthday

Submitted: June 03, 2015

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Submitted: June 03, 2015



 jennie's birthday


when i first met you,things looked so new

 I opened a door to a new you

the more I got to know you the more I got to enjoy you

things started getting better

my understandings seemed aroused slightly profound

I found myself stuck between two decisions

either to tell you and make things happen for the better


to not tell you at all and keep rolling with the weather

I found myself indulged in the theory of the better

a better world in which you had embedded

my mind continued to shine

but in reality my mind was yet again swimming in fantasy

I knew from when I was with you that things for me weren't going any better

but I lied to myself into believing they would

until reality gave me a push which was when I was forced to choose

and so my life became a cry and only again did I begin to wine

this might seem not true but I speak the truth

youve made me a better person and i'm happy for you

I hope that to not love soon and feel the hate i so was doomed too

you painted me a picture of what was true

so thank you


jennifer happy birthday make it last

have a blast 

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