the great big wall

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

two minds thinking at ones....this could be anything you could imagine.

as i stand in in front

of this big great wall

i find my self in the 



heart and mind



this wall that separates me 

from  my 

desires of my heart 

and tranquility of my mind

i try to find a crack or a hole

in the great wall

but yet i find 

only solid stone's 


one on top of the other.

you could imagine

what could be on the other side

but i know i have bin there,

o how i want to be in the otherside 

of that great wall,

were i

would find all the plesures and


that my soulcry's for

this wall is so great that it hides

the sun light 

as well as the stars and the moon.

i find my self alone

with out a latter to climb

nor a rope

to throw,

i think of climbing

with my hand 

but with no support

i could fall to my death 

and never

get to the otherside


this great big wall,

but i must try to get there

to finnaly  live in peace

and find happieness

my sorrow consumes 

me and i 

ask my self a question,

with out a answer

how did i get here on 

the dark side  

the side i cant seam to get out from

i guess

my only escap

would be to wait 

till i becom an angel

so i may fly  to the point of geting

to the other side 

of this










Submitted: April 13, 2012

© Copyright 2022 rodriguez the poet. All rights reserved.

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