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It's pretty obvious what this is about. It's not my best work, but writing is how I deal with these things. This started off as free verse but ended up falling into a rhyme scheme as it went, as I've been trying to break the traditional patterns I fall into.

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



It seems like each night it only gets worse.
Demons fester in my head, making this bed into a hearse.
It’s not that I don’t understand, I just can’t accept
That you’ve left me, that I’m really all alone.
I was alone to begin with, but now that I’ve known
The warmth of a loving side and a mind
I fear I’ll never again be fine.
I’ve got nothing, and I feel worse for the wear.
I’m tormented by visions of you and your lovely hair.
The way your head rested on my chest
So perfectly we fit together, like a puzzle
Sized just right for each, and I swear I won’t love another
Like I loved you, really, like I still do.

It’s cold at night but I sweat under the sheets,
The strain of three years together now rendered bleak.
A thing of the past, our connection, our being
And it’s not that I don’t understand, I just don’t like seeing
Us apart. It feels unnatural after we’ve gone so far
After we’ve grown two pieces into one loving heart
Beating in perfect unison with the timing of our lives.
Well by God, I thought I could make you my wife.
I would be there, and it’s really just not fair
How a tiny difference of view can sever my tie to you.

The trouble lies, in your eyes, in that our beliefs aren’t the same,
But how could it ever be when everyone claims
Individuality of the mind and a unique human spirit?
I’m still calling out for you; tell me, do you hear it?
I guess what I’m saying is quite simple, you see:
There’s no reason divergent minds can’t find harmony.
We divide ourselves; we’re harbingers of our own contention.
Ignorance is man’s greatest weapon, his invention.
And while I’m still victim to dissonance I know I’ll find some coast.
But that’s someday far away, and that really scares me most.
My anchor has been lost; I’m now on my own.
And never have I felt so alone.

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