Venting Love

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i dont mean to bore anyone with any unwanted writing but i need somewhere to vent so here i go.

Submitted: September 24, 2012

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Submitted: September 24, 2012



I really liked this guy for about seven months and two days before school ended last year i wrote this... and e-mailed it to him

should i be scared? did i do the wrong thing?


I started by seeing you as just a friend

But now I kinda feel a bit more

I see you in the hallways and my heart flutters in my chest

I feel it pounding against my rib cage

Making me lightheaded

I love it when you laugh

Even if it’s at me

I love your smile

How you light up so easily

I felt something but didn’t know what it was

A crush

Slowly bubbling up inside of me

A crush

Filling me with joy and uncertainty

What would you think?

How do you feel?

Am I just a friend?

I can live with that

Just as long as you don’t hate me

Please don’t

Please don’t let my whispering heart

Keep us from being friends

Please don’t let my awkwardness around you

Stop us from hanging out

Don’t forget that first I am your friend

And anything else is up to you

Don’t forget me

Because I can’t forget you

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