Invincible Girl

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This is a story of a girl who doesn't seem to exist on her school. And on to how her life change.

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011





There's a girl who attends class everyday, eats alone, spends break time on a far end of the bleachers just watching groups of people pass by and athletes running back and forth. She got no one but her music and her pen. No one understands her. No one talks to her coz no one dares to. She's used to live her life like this everyday. It has been a cycle ever since. At home, she would lock herself in her room. She would picture herself like other students at school. She would think of life with friends, of having someone to talk to. She would think of life differently...totally different than to what she have. Mostly, she would think of just ending her life. To have everything to a stop. To be free of her totally depressing life. And at this moment, she would take out her pen, compose songs and sing her heart out. She would write songs of her life, of her dreams, of her sorrows. It  seems like these songs is her soul. The lyrics for her story and the melody for the rhythm of her life. 


Morning came, it's 6 am on her watch. And she doesn't feel like moving. She don't want to get out of her bed. She just wants to stay still, to lie down and let the day pass. Coz she was thinking, it would still be the same old day. She closed her eyes again, covered herself with her blanket and fallen asleep. She woke up at 10. She missed her class and decided to go have a walk in the park. She sits on one of the benches and saw a little girl crying. At first, she didn't mind the girl. But 15 minutes have passed and no one still came for this kid. It is then that she decided to approach this girl saying "hello kid, who's with you?". No reply from the kid and so she invite her for some ice cream not from afar. After this she asked the kid of her address and accompany her back home. She was then invited by this kids' parents to have snacks with them. They asked her questions like school and stuffs. She got home at around 6.30 and it was a very tiring day indeed. 


The next day. She felt really tired and she's been thinking that maybe it would be better if she wouldn't go to school. Since she like what happened to her yesterday, she got up her bed, fixed herself and went to the park again. She did the same thing as yesterday. Sits on one of the benches..hoping that something good would happen to her. She walked herself around the park, waited and waited and waited. It was dawn and she decided to go home. She has been doing this for 3 days hoping for something but it made her feel more lonely than before. 


On the next day, she decided to go back to school. She was saying to herself " again..uhhh..lonely day ahead.. :(" She walked passed the gate, straight to her locker to get herself a book. As she opened the locker she saw a little note saying "I MISS YOU...". She looked side to side trying to see who could have left her this note. But sees no one. Bell rings and she hurried herself to her classroom. She's still thinking who could have left her the note. She was bothered by this the whole period. It was break time and she headed to the bleachers like the usual. She attended all her class for the day and as it ends, she stop by her locker once more to leave her things for tomorrows school. As she opened her locker she found another note saying "It was good seeing you again...makes me smile :)" 


The next day...she did the same thing. She opened her locker and found a note saying "how are you?" This has been continuing everyday...She then decided to reply on the notes on her locker and they had been replying each other for two weeks now. They have been talking about their selves, about anything under the sun. Until one day, every time she opened her locker she saw no note. It just stopped. She had been expecting seeing notes a week now on her locker from the day it stopped but nothing. She got nothing. She can see no reason at all on why did it stop. So she have herself back to the bleachers again. And she couldn't stop herself from thinking of the notes, locker, and all. On the bleachers, as she was thinking of stuffs...a guy approached her, reached her hand saying "Hi..I'm Jake." She slowly turned her head up trying to recognize the mans' face. She couldn't say a word, everything around her just stop. The man then sits down beside her and tried to start a conversation. They then become friends. They told each other their secrets, they both know each others life, they have been supporting each other. As time pass, they have become great friends.


The friendship they have had grown into a more deeper relationship. This started when Jake tells the girl his feelings towards her. They both felt the same way and made a great couple. They now spend almost all the time if no one or nothing could ever separate them. There was this day that Jake visited the girls' house and they went to the girls' room. In there, he found out that she has been composing songs and asked her to sing him one of her songs. Because of this, Jake helped her share her talents to the world. This girl has been so thankful she have Jake. They have been together for 6 years and got married. :)



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