Dinner & Death?!

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Vampires are delicioso. :] If thats how you spell it. the first real vampire storyplot i've basically finished. I can always put more to it later if i want :]. And for once im truely happy with this. So, here we go :D

Submitted: June 13, 2008

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Submitted: June 13, 2008



The words “It Will be fun!!” kept resounding in my mind. Fun? Oh this is so much fun. The 57th speaker got up and addressed the crowd. At least, he could’ve been the 209th for all I cared. All I knew was I was sitting here way to damn long to care. My mother was sitting there her hands neatly folded in her lap, smiling. Smiling. We’d been sitting here at this round incorrectly decorated table for three hours, and my mother was smiling. Supposedly, our electricity comes from a Co-op, which means were apparently “part of the company”. Which is why I’m sitting here in the middle of April at a festively fall decorated table listening to some balding  middle aged man talk about why he should be the new assistant board president. Suddenly from behind me I hear laughter. I turn and see a sign that says “Kid’s Room”. Damn. What I wouldn’t give to be a kid right now. The agenda they gave us for the night said we were supposed to eat an hour and a half ago. At this thought my stomach growls. This is worse the Chinese water torture. The balding middle aged man steps down from the podium to barely audible claps. The waiters rush around the space while they set up for the next speaker. I fiddle with my skull ring. My mom precariously looks over and grimaces when she sees me. With my combat boots, grumpy t-shirt, striped skirt, blue hair and eyebrow ring, I am less then her depiction of a perfect daughter. I sweetly smile back and she immediately turns away. I give an over exaggerated sigh and place my elbow on the table propping up my head with my hand. When suddenly “would you like more fruit punch, miss” is heard next to me. I look over and suddenly snap up. The waiter, about six feet in height, thin, with shaggy raven black hair, silver studded earrings,  and a gothic looking cross tattoo on his neck, was indeed the most gorgeous creature I had seen on this earth. His vibrant green eyes surrounded by a perfect lash blinked once while I was shocked into silence. “Miss?” he said again this time a smirk growing on those luscious lips. “um, oh… yea sure” I was able to whisper though my ever persistent shyness. He poured the fruit punch with amazing fluidity and beckoned “you know if your bored waiting for the food there’s pizza in the teen lounge”. He smiled. In my mind, I died. “uhh okay that sounds… good” I responded smiling silently. My mom, noticing this waiter being here longer then he possible should, looked over and was watching us intently that smirk on her face like she just tricked Adam into eating the forbidden fruit. I turned to her and said “I’m gunna go check out the teen room”. She nodded once and said “you do that” and turned back to the stage. Gorgeous waiter boy extraordinaire said “if you’ll follow me, miss, I’ll take you to it. I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. I wanted to say.. but somehow… that didn’t seem to fit the current situation. As soon as we got away from the tables I could see him relax. His shoulders loosened and he looked younger. Less mature then before. More my age. My smile grew hoping that maybe he was.  I didn’t even notice we were heading to the basement until I was at the bottom of the stairs. “My mom runs the catering service,” his perfect pitched voice sounded. “and she understands how boring these things can be for teenagers like us, so she sets up these little rooms everyplace we cater” He opens the door to a post modern lofty room. Like us. My brain echoes. “Unluckily for you, we’re the only teens stuck at this boring thing.” He said smirking once again. I brought the wineglass filled with fruit punch to my lips. Perfect. “oh okay” I said a little more confidently then before. “oh I almost forgot, My names Jay” he said extending his hand. Without willing it my hand was in his. “I’m Amity” I said our hands grasped together but not making a shaking movement. Neither of us noticed, or even cared for that matter. Our eyes were fixed on each others. His green eyes seemed more alive the more I stared into them. My shifty hazel ones were nothing compared to his. Suddenly without excuse I coughed, and broke the stare using my hand to stifle it. “so… um what do you want to do?” he said plopping down on a beanbag chair. “I have no idea” I said sitting not so gracefully on a pillow that was situated on the floor next to him. “well we have movies play station… and that’s about it.” He said smiling. “ I bet I could beat your ass at ATV off-road fury.” I stated excitedly getting up and turning on the TV and the play station 2. He laughed as the counsel booted up. “so, what school do you go to?” I said as we raced. “I’m home schooled” he said as he took the lead. “aww I bet that really sucks” I responded as my ATV soared over his. “it isn’t too bad” he went on to say. “I get a shorter school day according to how fast I learn. So in the end its better for someone like me”. I smiled as I passed him yet again. “Still it can’t leave you with many possibilities for friends”. I said as my ATV crossed the finish line two second before his. “if I had your video game skills maybe I would.” He said turning to me and smiling. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and without me even realizing it he was at the door taking the pizza from the delivery mans hand. “here we go” he said placing it on the table in front of the TV. He laid out two paper plates and placed a piece of pizza on each. We ate pizza and drank our fruit punch. “do you enjoy catering?” I asked trying not to sound like a pig with food in my mouth, but I was so damn starved I didn’t want to wait in between bites to utter a simple phrase. “ehh not really, just doing it to calm my moms nerves about not having a job, and maybe meet new people” he said before taking a bite of his pizza. Before long the entire pizza was gone, and I was stretched out on the beanbag chair holding my stomach. “I owe you for saving me from two more hours of waiting for food” I said “I don’t think my stomach could ever thank you enough”. He laughed and sat down next to me. “Your very welcome, you being here saved me from working” I laughed and looked up at him. Those perfect eyes. Our eyes stared at the others not with harshness or any sort of malice, but with wonder, and possibly even curiosity. I saw his eyes glide nearer and nearer to mine, until those perfect lips were on mine. Then the world ignited. I completely lost myself in him. His smell, a mixture of fire and incense, beckoned. His lips then traveled down my jaw, each as butterfly footprint, and then settled on my neck. There they became more feverish, as did my heartbeat. These traveled down to the base of my neck, right above my collarbone. Then the kisses had something new hidden within them. Little pricks. Two little pricks, barely noticeable at first but then grew to be strange. Without warning, with one kiss, the pricks grew and penetrated the skin. For a moment painful, then enticing. Warmth left me and flowed to him. My head was completely tilted back, my neck completely exposed. One of his hands was behind my head, the other calmingly stroking my arm. Then without warning, the calming warmth was gone. His perfect lips were at mine again, for however brief an instant, and I tasted something familiar. Blood.
My eyes blinked open to near darkness. Then I saw him lying there next to me, and smiled. Then, like water released from a dam, the memories they floated back. I hurriedly stood up, to reveal myself to be much underdressed. He was suddenly behind me, without warning, hand over my mouth. “Don’t scream, whatever you do don’t scream.” He said his voice absolutely terrified. “I’m so sorry, I’m so very sorry. I took things a little too far I know, but we can work things out, I swear we can. I will let you go now, okay? Just please don’t scream, it wouldn’t be good for anyone if you screamed.” He removed his hand from my mouth and I instantly fell to the ground, balling. “it’s okay”, he said holding me in his arms. “everything’s going to be fine I promise”. I tore away from his embrace and said “I don’t even know you!” a little to harshly. I could see the words hit him like a baseball bat. He cringed. For a moment I felt absolutely sorry for him. But then I recalled me being the victim here and my spark of anger returned. He stood, and paced, running a hand through his hair, obviously discontent. I stood up, blanket around me and headed towards the door. Somehow he beat me to it and blocked my path. “don’t you see? Amity, you can’t just walk away from this. No one can walk away from becoming a vampire.” A vampire?! Was he insane?! Vampires didn’t exist. There was no way they could. Most of all, there was no way he could be a vampire. There was no... I reached my hand up and touched the base of my neck. Withdrawing my hand from the almost closed wound, I saw perfectly in the dim light my hand. Covered in my own blood. The floor came up to meet me as the world spun from realization. He caught me and held me close. “Amity it’s okay everything’s going to be fine.” How could he say that?! That half dead demon with devilish good looks had just completely fucked me over. How could everything be okay? I sobbed my emotions into his arm. He stroked my hair until the tears stopped flowing. He took my hand and pulled me up with him, staring intently into my eyes. Without hesitation, I smiled. As he, smiled a perfect smile back. Then without hesitation those perfect lips met mine again. And suddenly, the future didn’t seem so uncertain.

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