Luck? or an unusual unaviodable train of events....

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hmmmm fanfiction anyone? I have an undying obsession with... you guessed it johnny depp. But dont compare me to the millions of other fangirls who love him to peices just cause of his looks. I love him for much more then that. He's gone against everything a big sar dreams of doing. He goe's for the odd roles.. and he never wanted to be an actor in the first place. so here it is...

My JD fanfiction...ish thing...

i havent read this in a good two years... so spelling mistakes... are from wo years ago lol.

Here ill attach my original disclaimer. Written between pirates 1 and two.. thats how old this is... wow. the ending is pooooooooooopy. so bear with it. Rate comment ect. ect.

... GOOD LUCK ;]
DISCLAIMER: Absolutely none of this is true. I wouldn’t wish it to be true. I was just reading the Fanfics one day and that got me to thinking. So I wrote this. NOTHING IS TRUE. The main character doest exist it’s not me or my friend. I just made up her name. I hope you like my work of fiction! Again none of this is real it doesn’t even have a time. So none of this is real !!!! I started writing this before I saw the 2nd movie. Just keep that in mind

Submitted: August 02, 2008

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Submitted: August 02, 2008



Chapter 1


It was a normal mourning as any other for a college student. I was awake but still lying in bed anticipating a major headache as soon as I stood up. All the dorms around us were still playing loud music as they had all night which had caused me to get about and hour of sleep. But I would make it through the day as usual. I got up put my hand on my head to steady myself when I noticed my roommate Rebecca was still sleeping. I quietly tiptoed over to the computer and logged online. As soon as I had gotten on I got a flood of instant messages from various people. All were saying I was very lucky to be going to this school. This surprised me because the school year was almost over and I had went here for three years before. So I typed to my best friend “what the heck are you talking about?” she sent me a link to a website called “Pirates Luck”. I opened it and read the article. I read “ Someone in the theater department at the UniversityCollege in L.A is going to be picked for playing an opposite role as Johnny Depp for POTC5. Their name will be selected by grades and skill level. The winner will be announced March 6th in the theater class that day.” I couldn’t hold in my excitement. I let out a squeal of delight as I got ready for theater class. Rebecca woke up and asked me why I was so excited I printed out the article and gave it to her she jumped up checked the calendar and started jumping around singing “im gunna meet Johnny depp, im gunna meet Johnny depp!!” As I watched her go insane I started looking for my things for class. I had a feeling this was going to be the best day of my life. I put on my sweatshirt and headed for the campus. Me and Rebecca intertwined arms and skipped there whistling autograph books hanging from our back pockets. We arrive at theater class 3 minutes before 10. We take our seats at the very front of the classroom. We sat there for the longest 3 minutes of my life. Then the doors closed exactly at ten and a minute later the doors opened to reveal Johnny Depp himself. He strolled up to the front of the class saying “ sorry I can never be on time as hard as I try”. Rebecca and I were trying as hard as we could not to scream and run up and tackle him. “ as most of you know..” he continued. “ As most of you should know, you all have been entered in a contest to act opposite me in POTC5. I’m sorry there were many willing candidates but only one can win. I guess I better hurry up and tell you  cuase these girls in the front here look like their going to explode.”. Me and Rebecca turn bright red then he opens the envelope. “ and the winner is Abigal Johnson”. I sit there stunned silent I know I didn’t hear that right me? Was it really me …. No he must have meant Abby Blainson my arch nemesis who is the best actress in this whole school. Everyone stands and claps looking at me. Rebecca mouths go before I hurt you. I get up and slowly wake down the stairs thinking I’m still at the dorm dreaming there’s no way this can be true. Just as I think that I trip and land flat on my face. I think “ ok maybe I‘m not  dreaming”. I get up laugh and make my way to the front. I stand in front of him and try and make myself look less amazed. He says “Hello Abby, may I call you Abby?” I nod stunned for loss of words “You have been chosen by your teacher to star with me in POTC5. You are to be playing the part of Erina. Here’s your script and I will be picking you up next Wednesday at 8am don’t be late. Also you have been excused from classed for the rest of the year.” I say thank you shake his hand and the bell rings. Rebecca walks up next to us and goes can “I have you autograph?” he says sure and notices the line behind her. After he’s done with Rebecca we go back to the dorm to call everyone I know tell them and start packing.


Chapter 2

Later that week on Tuesday night I finished up packing and began to memorize my script. Rebecca was helping me by reading Johnny’s lines. My script was so thick it looked like I was in every scene. All the scenes I’m in Jack Sparrow is. I read it and I guess Erina is Jack’s unofficial girlfriend according to some scenes where were like kissing and junk. Ok you right it’s not junk. But of coarse him being Jack Sparrow he just can’t have one girl so he cheats on her and she cry’s stomps off slaps him and he actually tries to get her back. I know weird. I was so excited I got about two hours of sleep nervous I would be late. I decided to give up sleeping at 6 and got up and hauled all my stuff downstairs. I packed up all my posters of Johnny in our dorm and told Rebecca everyone she didn’t want she could give to my sis since ill have the real thing. She stuck her tong out at me as I took the last of my stuff downstairs and started to wait. Exactly at 8 a mini-van pulls up and Johnny gets out. I think “ I thought he would have rented a more manly car”. I swear he read my mind and says “it was the only thing that I thought could haul all our stuff to the airport”. I mentally beat myself up for thinking that and put my bags in the trunk. I get in the passenger seat as we pull away from my home for the past 3 years ill never see again. I was thinking ok I’m gunna act kool and im gunna try not to be a crazed fan-girl around him “So..” he begins. “Rebecca she talked to me last night, is she one of your friends?” he asks. I nod “She’s my roommate, sorry she stole my cell and had to call you”. He said “oh it was ok…. She told me some stuff” “like what?” I ask fearing the worse about High school and my old self before therapy. “she told me you were obsessed with me.. is that true?”.  Well there goes that plan ,I think “Im going to kill her one of these days” he laughed and said “No it’s fine.. really if it wasn’t for my fans I would probably be a professional pen salesman” we laugh “hey I’m just wondering but how can you sell pens over the phone? I mean it seems impossible to me” “ he replys “well it basically is, I think I sold absolutely no pens throughout that career” we laugh. “hey do you mind if I put my favorite CD on?” I ask. He says “yea that’s fine”. I dig through my purse and find my LoveHammers CD and pop it in. After a while he asks “who is this? I’ve never heard this before”. “The Lovehammers their from Chicago” I reply. “are you from Chicago?” he asks “No but I’m from a really small town near there bout like 2 hours away.” I reply. “so what’s a small town girl like you doing in L.A?” he asks “I wanted to get into the acting circuit and what better way the getting schooling in L.A.” I reply getting slightly annoyed by all the questions. “well I think you can say you’ve succeeded in that goal” he says “wow.. I guess your right” I respond…I hadn’t thought of that”. It’s silent for a while and then he says “I would tell you about myself but you don’t wanna hear it, besides you probally know im from…” he starts “Owensboro, Kentucky” I finish for him while mentally scolding myself for being an obsessed fan-girl. “ok.. Rebecca was right you are obsessed” he laughs as I think “I’m not obsessed I’m in love”…) see me and my friend made up that phrase that when ever someone said we were obsessed we would think it and we would be reminded of each other). “hey Rebecca was just covering up for the fact she’s your number one fan, remember that girl they arrested when she tried getting into your house?” I asked “ that was Rebecca?!?!?!” he asked “yes it was she was slightly drunk after a party we had with her uncle in France… she told me she was going to do it, sneak out in the middle of the night and go to your house see if she could get in… I didn’t believe her… could’ve saved us some money if I did ”I replyed. “She’s also been to every premiere of movies you’ve made since she was born her mom being a fan too and all” I added. Well so much for not being a crazy fangirl I think to myself. “he stares at the road and says “creepy...” really softly then louder says “Here we are the airport”


Chapter 3


We unload the van and take our stuff to the baggage place. We get out tickets and Board the plane. We get seats in first class and were the only ones cept this old married couple going to the Caribbean to retire (I only know that cuz they asked for BOTH of our autographs.. it’s only been a week and the world already knows my name). So we are sitting on the plane then Johnny asks “So do you have a special someone your leaving behind for this?” “no not unless you count a 16 pound cat named Tabitha”. He laughs.  My cellphone rings I pick it up and the first thing I hear is my sister yelling “IS HE THERE?!?!LET ME TALK TO HIM !!!!IS IT REALLY HIM ?!?!?!” “Hi it’s nice to hear from you , now that I can, it’s so nice you decided to call and talk to your older sister to…” CUT THE SMALL TALK I WANNA TALK TO HIM!!!” replied Alex. “ alex, I know you want to but uh he’s busy right now.. he’s helping me go over the script (I lie well to my younger sister) and we really shouldn’t stop cuz I know ill forget and ..” “STOP MAKING EXCUSES” yelled alex. “ maybe if you lowered your voice and said please I would let you talk to him but meanwhile ill just torture you” I said back to her. “ok” she said “may I please talk to the hottest guy in the universe?”she added “I’m sorry Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t here” I said sheepishly “you know who I mean Johnny Depp!” replied Alex “please hold” I say into the phone. I turn to Johnny and say “my baby sister wants to talk to you .. I’m warning you now, if you want to borrow my earplugs you can” I say to him. He says “what’s her name and how old is she?” “she’s 13 and her name Alexandra but she’d be tickled pink if you called her Alex” I respond. He takes the phone and starts talking to her and I can’t believe it but she’s not screaming into his ear I mean you say his name and she’s tearing down the stairs to see why you said it. I mean you point and say “ hi Johnny”  she stares starry eyed in that direction. It’s fun to play tricks on her. He hands me the phone back and says “she wanted you to use your webcam so she could see me”. I get out my labtop hook up my webcam and connect us to her pc. As soon as we see her she waves and says “WHERE IS HE?!?!?” as loud as she can into my headset. “settle down and lets try not to make your sister deaf here ok? I’m gunna give the headset to him so you can sit there speechless” I reply. I give him the headset and they talk while I catch up on reading the brothers Grimm’ fairy tales cause I can. When their done talking I undo the pc and he says “wow I feel sorry for you she’s a little annoying” “tell me about it” I say  in response. We sit their in silence for a moment or two. Then he says “if you want we could go over lines while we wait” “ok” I said and we went over our lines until I got really sleepy. I sincerely stated “I’m going to sleep and I’m sorry bout the thing” he said “no really its fine I should call Vanessa and see what’s going on with Lilly and Jack” says Johnny. Then I remember thay had recently split up because of him traveling all the time. I get my pillow and fall asleep.


Chapter 4


A couple hours later my minds wakes up but I was having one of those good dreams so I kept my eyes shut trying to go back to sleep. When all the sudden I notice my pillow was moving slightly not enough to be a loose headrest. I slowly open my eyes thinking maybe the windows loose and I should call a flight attendant. When there fully open I see my pillow but my heads not on it. Its still by the window and that means. I spring up hoping I didn’t wake him what would I do if he knew I was sleeping on his shoulder! When all the sudden his head turns to me and goes “Abby you awake?” DARNIT! Is all I can hear my mind saying. I open my eyes and say “yea….. sorry about.. the.. well yea I didn’t mean to uh you know….” I felt really bad from blushing so badly and I knew my ears were red. “oh it’s ok its not the first time my shoulder has been mistaken for a pillow”. At that moment I realized something. He’s just like a normal person he’s just been in the movies is all. I really think he just wants to be treated normal sometimes. I guess he noticed my face deep in though so he asked “ what are you thinking about?” I snap out of my thought session and say “just trying to get used to the thought of being in a movie” I lie well. Acting is basically lieng cept getting paid to do so.  Then there’s a long silence, and awkward silence. Then he Looks out the window and says in his Capt. Jack Sparrow voice “Welcome to the Caribbean mate”. I look out the window and see the ocean with little islands below. Then the speaker goes off that were about to land in 10 minutes. I pick up my pillows and things while we descend. Then we get off the plan get out luggage and wait for the shuttle to pick us up. We sit there on the bench when he asks me “ever been to the Viper room?” “no I haven’t” I reply“Well I was thinking that maybe when we get back to L.A I could take you”he says . “ that’d be great”. As soon as I say that the shuttle comes up honks “a pirates life for me”. We turn around and look at it and there’s a huge picture of Captain Jack on the side. Johnny says “oh no one will ever know I’m riding it, it blends in so well”. We laugh as we load our things in it and get in. We get in the car the driver introduces himself as Bernie as we head to the hotel. We stop in front of this very beautiful hotel and Bernie opens the door for me. I say “thank you” sort of quietly amazed at the fact we are staying in a 4 star hotel. I get my bags and start to walk in the door carrying them when a bell boy takes them from me as we check in. The lobby was amazingly big and I was in awe as Johnny checked me in for me cause I couldn’t speak. I go up to my very amazing room and put my things away. Trying to hurry so I won’t be late meeting Johnny in the lobby to go meet Gore the director. We go into a meeting room off of the hotel, and as we enter Gore says “oh no no she won’t do at al she’s too happy”. My eyes began to tear cause I mean I wasn’t expecting to be kicked out so soon. Then he says “there we go now she’s perfect” and he laughs and says “no need to start getting upset I’m just kidding”. We all laugh as I make a comparison to that as something my dad would do. We talk for about an hour about how he wants me to look and act and things then they send me off to go get my hair and makeup and my costume. I was pinching myself the whole time still thinking I was at the dorm dreaming. First there was the costume fitting. The costume had a corset on the outside and it was black and red. It kind of reminded me of something people from the movie Moulin Rouge would wear. Then my makeup was fairly simple. They gave me dark drastic eyes and a really red lipstick. But it was my hair that really blew me away. First they curled it to make it somewhat curly (cause my hair doesn’t really curl well). Then they put it up in a bun. Then they put this weird stuff on it and made it smell funny. Then they took it down. Then I saw myself in the mirror and I looked like someone only Captain Jack could love. My hair was amazingly curly. So my assistant/ stunt double lead me away to shoot my very first scene.


Chapter 5


Here is the scene we shot that day ….

Erina: HOW COULD YOU! (slap)


Jack: wait no Erina come back!! It wasn’t what it looked like!


Erina: (upset like) Jack you were rolling in the dirt with her… I don’t know how that can be anything different.


Jack: Really it was..!!!


Erina: uh huh sure..(as she storms down the hill mad)


Erina: I should’ve listened to scarlet when she said never trust captain jack with your heart! (she starts crying so much she collapses as jack catches up with her)


Jack: (his arm around her) erina its ok really… I didn’t mean to… I was just saving her from a booby trap listen to me I would never cheat on you…(he says as sympathetically as he can)


Erina: Sure just like you didn’t cheat on scarlet (she says in between tears)


Jack:  that was different.. I didn’t love her like I love you…


Erina: oh no you don’t your not gunna get me back with fake promises, and empty compromises!!!(as she gets up starts walking down the hill again)


Jack: (grabs her arm turns her around) erina please believe me I have never loved someone as much as I love you.


(he kisses her)


Erina: ok maybe that would be enough to get me back


(they kiss)


That was m first scene I’ve ever acted in a movie. It will probably be my favorite scene. It took all day to film such a short part. This scene is actually going to be close to the end of the movie. I have no idea why we filmed it first. I’m done till about 6pm because we have to do some night scenes with the different lighting and all. So with about 4 hours to spare I headed back to the hotel. I was walking because it was so close and I didn’t think Johnny would be willing to drive me back. So I’m walking down the road in a pirate costume(getting strange looks from locals) heading to the hotel when I hear a car honk behind me and I shield my eyes trying to tell who it is. It’s Orlando bloom, Keira Knightly and Johnny. They pull up next to me and ask if I want a lift. Oh course I say yes and we speed off in the direction of a local hangout spot I guess they always go to when shooting a movie.


Chapter 6


So we go to this local bar called “Hars Bar” where we ordered food. Everyone looks at me funny when I just order a soda. I’d rather not go back to my mistakes I made in high school I answer them with my thoughts. Johnny introduces me to Orlando and Keira even though I already know who they are. I mean who doesn’t? Then Orlando asks “So Abby tell us a little about you”. This is the conversation I dread when meeting new people. I had to decide if I could trust them and they wouldn’t make a pity story out of me. “I’m 26 from Illinois and I like to read.. ?” I replied hesitantly. Let’s hope they take the bait and don’t ask what a 26 year old is still doing in college. “do you have any pets?” Keira asks. “Yes at my house I have a 16 pound cat named Tabitha” I reply stunned they actually figured it was normal for a 26 year old to still be in college. We sit there and talk about the movie for a while (all of us still dressed in our costumes). Until its about 5:30 and we start heading back towards the set. My hair had gotten flatter from the heat and over time so they had to redo it. After I was done with my scene the rest of the gang( Orlando Keira and Johnny) still had some scenes to shoot so this time I took the shuttle back to the hotel. I got up to my room and noticed my door was unlocked. I slowly opened the door and flicked the light on. Lying on the bed was my worst nightmare. “Blaine get out of here!!!” I screamed. “oh and it’s nice to see you too doll” Blaine my X- boyfriend said. “Blaine really get out I have a restraining order get out!” I argued. “a restraining order that only works in the states, Rogue” he replied. “Don’t call me that” I replied “why not, Rogue?” he asked “because I’m not the girl I used to be” I replied “sure” he said “how did you find me?” I asked. “Easy toots it’s called the internet and the biggest headline of the century” he replied as he got up and came towards me. “I’ve been thinking lately baby-doll and I seem to have made a big mistake by letting you go” he said the smell of alcohol still potent on his breath. “The only mistake was me agreeing to be with you in the first place” I said as I slowly got a knife I had concealed in my pack pocket since the last time we fought. I still had scars from that day and I didn’t want to make that mistake again. I put the knife up but he grabbed my arm and twisted it as he grabbed the kife and tossed it to the side hitting a lampshade.  I screamed for help as loud as I could but I know no one would come no one ever comes. For once I was actually wrong on that thought. Blaine was holding me very close trying to force his lips over mine when all the sudden I heard a *Thwack* and opened my eyes. Johnny was standing over Blaine with a piece of wood that I hadn’t noticed was holding the door open. I collapsed as Johnny called the authorities. I started balling out of confusion and he took off his jacket and put it on my shoulders. He dragged Blaine into the bathroom and put a chair against the door. Then he came back over to me and persuaded me to sit on the bed as it would be more comfortable. I got up moved to sit on the bed and cried my eyes out until the police came. I kept thinking to myself great there’s no way I can keep my high school years secret from them now. The cops came and Johnny told them what he saw then they came over to me and asked me what happened. I asked them if Johnny could leave and they persuaded him to do so.  I slowly told them about the door being open and him in the room and the restraining order and everything about high school. They left and took the still unconscious Blaine with them to ship back to the states. I sat alone on the bed for awhile thinking what would’ve happened if Johnny wasn’t there. I slowly got up went to the bathroom to dry my eyes. Then I proceeded to walk down the hall to Johnny’s room and I knocked. I waited 15 minutes but he didn’t come out. So I slowly walked back to my room a little heart broken I wasn’t able to say thank you. When I got back to my room I flicked on the light and there Johnny was asleep on my bed with a bunch of coffee and sweets next to him. He must’ve gone to my room after the police told him he could see me. I flicked the lights on and off a couple times and he woke up. “O hey I guess I fell asleep waiting for you” he said. “I was standing at your door for  15 minutes waiting for you to answer it” I said in reply. We both laughed and he said “I thought I would get you some food to see if it made you feel better.” “Oh thank you” I say shyly as I take the try of food and sat down next to him on my bed. “So..” he says as I nibble on a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles. I swallow hard wishing against all hopes he doesn’t ask about Blaine. “Who exactly was that? .. I thought you said you didn’t have a boyfriend”. Ok here we go I say in my head. “Well uh… where do I begin. Ok when I was 15 I made some pretty bad choices. I hung out with the wrong people and did some things that now I’m not partially proud of. But when I turned 16 I met Blaine, The bad boy of my grade. He opened my eyes to drinking and smoking and staying out late. He was so kind to me that when I was 17 he asked me to be his girl and I was happy with him for a while. Till he took it a little too far. He was drinking so much he was never sober  and neither was I. I fought with my parents and eventually ran away from home. I dropped out of high school and me and Blaine ran off to get hitched. But every time we stopped at a rest stop on our way to Vegas I would throw up and I didn’t know why. So I bought a pregnancy test. It was as I had feared I was pregnant. I got scared and tried to get away from him I ran out of the rest stop and tried to hide. But he found me and beat me for running. I was about 20 when I had finally gotten away from him and had made my way back home. I got home and had a miscarriage that night. My parents paid for me to get therapy and so started High school again next term. I was really short so no one knew I had been 21 years old. All my old friends had graduated. So I was all alone in this new class. Until this girl with bright red hair came up to me. That’s when I met Rebecca and tried to suppress my past life. So I filed a restraining order against Blaine and here I am. You, my family and Rebecca are the only ones who know about this.” I said shyly not knowing how he would respond.


 Chapter 7


“wow I never would’ve..known” Johnny said quietly. When I had finished I was crying. Crying over telling him, crying over my lost baby, crying over the threat of Blaine back in my life. He slowly put his arm over my shoulder and told me it would “all be ok”. Part of me wanted to believe him but the other part did not believe a second thinking I’m still in the dorm crying in my sleep again. He reached over picked up my coffee and said “here”. I drank it as the caffeine calmed me down. He said “you know all the bad stuff I’ve done and I turned out alright didn’t I?” I nodded and drank more comforting coffee. Well I got up and handed him his jacket that was still draped over my shoulders. “Here thanks for saving me and understanding” I said. He got up, took it and leaned over kissed me on the check and quietly said “your welcome”. Then he turned and walked down the hall to his own room. I slowly smiled put my hand on my cheek and turned and got ready for bed. I looked at the clock and it was 4 am. I didn’t know if there was a time difference between here and L.A but I called Rebecca anyways. I told her everything that happened today. “well sounds like you had a drama filled first day being a world famous actress” she replied as I finished. We laughed and said our goodbyes at 5a.m. I set my alarm for and went to sleep. I woke up but not to the sound of my alarm to the sound of Johnny’s voice saying “good morning Abby!”. Thinking that somehow I had left the tv on after watching CATCF I turned over in the direction of the TV. I opened my eyes and right in front of me I didn’t see Willy Wonka but Johnny himself. I immediately jumped out of bed and said “ how did you get in here?”. “ oh don’t worry the hotel staff gave me an extra key.” He replied. “ok then WHAT are you doing in here?” I asked a little flustered I had a celebrity sitting on my bed. “I came to ask you if you wanted to come with me to see the sunset on the cliff” he answered. “oh, ok sounds like fun” I said as I looked over at the clock noticing it was 6 am only an hour since I had fallen asleep. “I’ll meet you in the lobby” I said implying he should get out so I can change. He left and I changed into a flowing dress thing Rebecca had bought for me for Christmas. As I lifted it out of its dress bag I remember her exact phrase when I had unwrapped it. “Johnny Depp won’t be able to resist signing at autograph for you in this dress at the premier.” I laughed remembering how we had had a depp-a-thon of movies that night as we do every Christmas as our way of celebrating. If only she could see me wear it to go watch the sunset with him. Then I thought why can’t she as I picked up my camera and put it in my purse to go with me to the cliff. When I was done getting ready I walked down to the lobby and saw Johnny. Johnny complemented me on my dress as we walked out the door to the car. It was a short drive to the cliff as everything was nearby on the island. As soon as he turned off the car he ran around the car and opened my door. “oh fancy” I said laughing. He put a blanket down on the grass and motioned for me to sit next to him. I sat supporting myself with my arms.  I turned to him and asked if it was ok if I took a picture of us. He said “why for your fan site?” he joked. “no to prove to myself that none of this was a dream.” I replied. He leaned close to me as I took the perfect picture to send to Rebecca. Then he leaned in closer and kissed me and said “how’s that for proof” Then he whipped out his cell phone and took a picture of us and said “that was so I could prove I met you”. I laughed as I laid in his arms watching the most perfect sunset of my life.



I don’t remember what else happened that day. I think we shot some more scenes and went to the hang out.


Chapter 8



It was a brand new day and I was just coming out of sleep. I opened my eyes and saw them staring at someone’s closed eyes. It didn’t cross me as weird because I thought I was still in the dorm and I was looking at my Johnny picture on my wall. But then I blinked and realized this wasn’t a picture it was the actual person! I hurriedly got up and looked around. Then I looked back at him pinching myself. He noticed the shift in weight on the bed and slowly awoke. I sat back down on the bed to look as though I wasn’t startled. He got up stretched and sat next to me. “Sorry I  freaked you out I just thought you might want someone in the room with you incase that psycho  came back” he said. “ ah ok” I said a little hesitantly. He could tell I was still freaked out so he said “do you want to go get breakfast in the lobby?”. I nodded as I got up and went to the bathroom to change. While I was in the bathroom I guess he got bored and started to look around at my room. He got up and looked at my closet at a shirt that was uneven with the rest. He went over and fixed it but while he did so he laid his eyes on the shirt next to it. He quietly laughed as he put it on over his own. I stepped out of my bathroom in the usual stuff I wear for a day of shooting. Then I saw him standing there in my sweatshirt. I laughed and said “ good thing I like baggy sweatshirts or you might have a problem putting that on.”. We laughed and he said “do you mind if I wear it for the day?”. “not at all as long as I can take a pic of you in it to send to them! “ I replied. He struck a pose as I got out my camera and took the funniest picture to be sent to the website. Then we walked down to the lobby to eat breakfast. We ate breakfast trying to think of a reason for Johnny being so nice to me and stuff. I guess he could tell I was concentrating again and he asked “What are you thinking about?” I stare blankly at him searching my mind for an excuse. “I ..I was thinking about how… I should call my Family and let them now I’m safe and ya know just check up” I say very wearily. “oh maybe later you can call them” he says knowing I was thinking about something else. I look at my watch and announce its time to go. I get up and start heading for the shuttle. Johnny slowly fallows behind. Then I go back to thinking about him. He must be worried I hate him or something. I should really stop hanging with him. Before I get attached to him and my heart gets broken. I decide that instead of hanging out with Orlando and them I’m just going to come back after I’m done shooting my scenes. We arrive at the set and we film about 2 scenes with my character in it. Here is one….

 Erina: Please someone help me!!! (she says tied up to a post as high tide comes in)

Erina : (SCREAM!)


Jack:  (on his ship drinking rum) What was that?


(jack looks over the side of the boat and sees erina)


Jack : Excuse me miss but you keep it down im trying to enjoy me rum!


Erina : (SCREAM)


Jack : if you won’t shut up ill have to come down there and make you myself.


(jack dives off the boat swims next to her and unties her)


Jack: there you go miss , now if you excuse me I have a date with a soon to be empty bottle


Erina: OH thank you! She says as she climbs on his ship


Jack : oh no no no this boat is only available for me and my crew so get off.


Erina: and where am I to go huh? Join the piranha for dinner I aspect?


Jack : (Cocking his head side ways) Do I know you?


Erina : I’m erina


Jack: Captain Jack Sparrow he says


Erina: THE captain jack sparrow ?


Jack : one and only




Erina : that’s for what you did to my sister scarlet!!



 That’s one we filmed that day. That is going to be at the beginning of the movie

 Then when the director says I can go I start walking towards the hotel at a hurried pace. I get there at about 5 and head down to the pool to read and swim. I’m down there for a couple hours until I decide to go in. Then I politely ask if I could exchange rooms with someone so Johnny wouldn’t be able to find me. I put my new room in a different name. I think it was Mrs. Applebom or something. Then I moved all my things to the new room. I figure that I can just let Johnny keep the sweatshirt because it looks better on him anyways. When I’m done putting my things away I sit down and watch Pirates for the 5 millionth time. Then my heart pleads with me to go and undo everything. It tells me I gave up a chance of a lifetime, he actually likes me I should be joyous. I tell myself to shut up and I continue watching the movie. Then there is a knock on the door and someone says “Mrs. Applebom?”. I get up and as quietly as I can go over to the door and look through the little spy hole thing. It’s a man with a plate of food. My stomach grumbles remembering I ordered room service. I unlock the door and open it. The man steps in and lays the food out on the table. He looks up at the TV and says “ah that’s one of my favorite movies”. “yes mine too” I reply wondering why he hasn’t left yet. Then he takes off his hat and mask. It was Johnny he had come to find me.


Chapter 9


“Abby why have you been avoiding me?” he asks staring at me with those pleading eyes. “I… I (tears streaming down my face) …I thought it would be better if I just left.. I I didn’t …… want any anyone… to get get hurt.” I said between tears. “ oh Abby” he said as he wrapped his arms around me stroking my hair. We stood there like that for what seemed to be eternity. Then he motioned me to sit with one arm while the other was still around me. Then he got the food I had ordered and motioned for me to eat. I ate in between tears. Then Johnny turned to me and said “ I love you Abby and nothing can change that”. I dropped my head and looked to the ground. “But what about the media they’d go crazy because I’m 26 and you’re…”I said. “Slightly older then 26” he said and flashed me his famous be happy smile. “But people will be upset by it and I don’t want you to go through that.” I said. “I don’t care about what they think the only thing I care about is you” he said. Then we kissed and in that kiss I knew I would never find such a sweet caring man as him. He left later to go back to his own room so as the hotel staff wouldn’t think things. I continued watching the movie knowing I had the man of my dreams thinking of me. I called Rebecca and just told her about filming and nothing else. Turns out she got a boyfriend named Robin. I joked about Becca and Robin and how it almost sounds like Batman and robin. We said goodbye and I got some sleep. I awoke the next mourning feeling as if I could’ve gotten 12 more hours of sleep. I got up and changed and went to go meet Johnny for our sunset ritual.



For the rest of  the filming of the movie me and Johnny were inseparable. Then when the movie was finished he invited me to move in with him in L.A. I moved in with him and then on my birthday the following year he proposed. But I would never know the happiness of my wedding day. Two days later there was a knock at the front door of Johnny’s apartment. Figuring it was a friend of his I opened it. It was Blaine. I ran to the Bedroom and locked myself inside. But I had forgotten he could open locks. Johnny was asleep on the bed and by my screaming woke up. He rushed over to the door and started leaning against it. “What’s happening” he asked trying to keep him from opening it. “Blaine is here for a visit” I said. “ call 911 while I try and recon with him”. He said. I called the number as Blaine had broken in the door. “If I cant have her no one can!” he said as he shot Johnny in the chest. I screamed as I scrambled to his side. But it was too late he was dead. He died trying to protect me. I got up and came at Blaine with a lamp but he shot me. The Ambulance came and found Blaine cradling me in his arms, I had passed away. He was crying over killing me. It was in all the papers and magazines. I had lived my dream of becoming an actress and meeting Johnny Depp. I had become his for a short while. I’m glad I had gotten to accomplish that before I died.

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