Wait... so great minds think?

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So last year we had to write a script for theater. And so.. i wrote this :]

An apon finding it while rummaging through files on my computer decided to post it.

Cause hey, its just one more thing i can say i've finished :]

E was for me
L was for Lizzy
S was for Stephanie.

((two girls are called in to the principals office for questioning concerning a recently shaving creamed locker room))

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



L: Dolorous send them in
E: what am I doing here??!
L:  all will be explained please ,please sit down
(they sit)
L: what were the two of  you doing yesterday before school?
E: I was making up a algebra two test I , (coughs) was sick for ….excuse me I kinda still have a cold …
S: me ME?!? I was enjoying the beautiful sunset on my way to school! It was magnificent …. All those COLORS!!!! I LOVE COLOR
L: a sunset ?? before school ??? in the morning??
L: continuing on … has either of you ever seen this bottle of shaving cream before?
S: OH I use that in the shower every morning, makes them so smooth, like a rabbit 
(feels legs)
L: ( clears throat) are you sure you don’t recognize it from somewhere else? Like a locker room per say?.
E: I know someone who might know someone who has seen a shaving cream bottle like that one somewhere in this school.
S: REALLY?!?!? ME TOO!!!!!!
GO US!!!
(attempts a high five)
E: I don’t know you, remember ? 
L: pay attention vandalism is a very serious crime and should be handled with the utmost….
E: …cruelty and violence?
L: no calmness and kindness
E: really? Who ever said we did anything anyway? Any witnesses?
(S gets bored stands up and starts playing with something)
L: no but when your lockers were searched we found 24 empty shaving cream bottles in both of them can you explain that..?
E: didn’t you just hear her? she likes her legs smooth.. so we have some extra bottles what does that prove?
( S giggles)
L: .. and the code to get into the P.E office?
E: oh that that’s the code to my bike lock … I really shouldn’t have made it so easy.
L: I see, well then if you didn’t put shaving cream all over the locker room , do you have any idea who might have ?
E: shaving cream really do you think I would stoop so low?
(S touches something and keeps playing with it)
L: Stephanie Gibbons do not touch that , you should really respect your elders….
E:  (quietly) fossils( louder) oh yea like that’s going to stop her…
L: you I’ve had it with you … either tell me right now who it is or you go straight to ISS ..
S: uh oh CHEWY !! (scrambles around looks on floor)
E: what are you doing?
S: oh no I lost him CHEWY !!!
L: (tries to be calm) who’s chewy?
S: my python it got out of my pocket.. he was watching the sunset with me this morning … I cant loose him he the only one that understands me !!!
(L stands on desk and picks up phone)
L: get Larry down here stat WE HAVE A PYTHON!!
E: oh I found it, you should really keep after him stef..
S: I try but sometimes if he doesn’t get his hourly tea party he goes nuts…
L: okay that’s it ERIN go down to the detention hall and steffy you stay here to meet the counselor Mr. Reynolds … and Larry will take care of ….. (stares at her hands) chewy.
E: well it was nice meeting you miss … uh …
L : Hogg
E: (laughs) nice to meet you Miss Hogg ….

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