Gift of the Void :Part 1 (SC2 Fan Fic)

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This is a Fan Fiction of the franchise of StarCraft 2 and belongs to Blizzard Entertainment. This is not part of the Lore of StarCraft and StarCraft 2. Part 2 still in the works and figuring out the road blocks.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



I live my life day by day, year by year. Most of those days are covered with war and grief. Every now and then something not war related happens, like… actually there really isn’t anything like that. It’s just purification by fire, or protects this artifact from those heavens with our lives. Being a part of a dying race along with being in a constant war effort is rather depressing, though I might be the only Protoss thinking that. But I guess that’s what happens when being injured in war then going back as an Immortal or dragoon. To spread more depression we learned our fate if our allies do what we all thought was right, and even that our god’s the creators… The Xel’Naga seeks to destroy us all. If things weren’t bad enough we have the thought of our creators killing us in these desperate times. However something interesting happened before being warped in for battle. A few Templar Zealots brought back a Zerg spore for us to study. It was rather shocking since we burn everything related to the Zerg. Interesting that they would bring this on Artanis’s mother ship. (Artanis being the High Matriarch of our race) I took my metallic body over to have an observation of the Spore. It had a feint green glow and cocooned in purple creep.

A Zealot looks at me and asks, “Would you mind bringing this to the High Matriarch? Selendis wanted us to be back as soon as possible upon bringing this back.”

I didn’t know what to think but, Will I get a day off from war and even meet Artanis himself? “Yes of course brother, don’t keep the Executor waiting. You know how she gets.”

“Thank you brother, En Taro Tassadar.” The Zealots walked back to the warp gate and warped into battle yelling our motto, “My life for Aiur.”

I stared at the spore and picked it up using the Immortals repair unit, and put it in a compartment next to my right High Impact Psionic Cannon. I started off toward the bridge as humans call it of our ship to deliver the spore to Artanis. I wasn’t very comfortable knowing that there was a zerg spore in my robotic body knowing that it could infest me at any moment if the queen of blades commanded it. (She being the leader of the Zerg Swarm since there being no Overmind.) It seemed rather odd that she hasn’t and much more is letting us just bring it to the high matriarch. Now that I think about it… She could just want someone to bring to our leader to kill him at the perfect moment… No our brothers wouldn’t be to stupid to bring something like that, epically with the Executor ordering it. I have nothing to worry about, just my paranoid self. Guess the age and injury is getting to me.

I continued to the Bridge staring at my pet gold fish that lives with me in my healing tank. It has kept me good company in these depressing times. Haven’t come up with a name for it yet though. Strange for all the years we’ve been together.

I arrive at the door to the bridge. There was an observer above it watching with two Dark Templars guarding the door.

“En Taro Adun, what give us the pleasure of meeting a great warrior such as yourself.” Asked one the Dark Templars. (Three types of templar in the Protoss army. Standard templar which is what everyone in this army is. Dark Templar’s which worship the void, and following Adun the 7 Dark Templar Archon. Dark Templars consist of Dark Templars, Stalkers, Void-Rays, some Immortals and Dragoons and finally Dark Archons. Then there is the High templar. They normally have the most strength with outer psionic power and rely on Akalah to grant them strength unlike the Dark Templar who rely on themselves. Most Immortals are High Templars or use to be before we became an Immortal.)

“I am here to speak with the High Matriarch Artanis; a few Zealots said they were sent by Executor Selendis to bring a Zerg spore to him.” I responded in a confident voice as most immortals do.

“Ahhh Ok. He has been expecting this. The observer will scan you making sure of no infestation.” The other Dark Templar responded in a dark and chilling voice that most Dark Templar speaks with.

I stood still as the observer flew around me scanning me with bright blue lights covering every tiny detail throughout my body. “Subject Zeal, class Immortal, formal Dark Templar. Carrying Zerg Spore for Artanis. Subject holds no infestatious threat. You are free to proceed.” The observer flew back above the two Dark Templars and opened the door. The two Dark Templars stepped aside to let the immortal walk through seeing how they are twice the size of any Protoss organic unit.

“Thank you brothers En Taro Adun may the void guide us in this time of need” I said as I walked into the Bridge. I could see the High Matriarch floating looking out into the great void while holding his hands behind his back.

“I was expecting a Zealot to bring me this spore. I needed in Immortal for this test anyways so it’s good that you have arrived here”

I was shocked how soothing and calming his voice felt. “En Taro Tassadar High Matriarch.” I said as I walked over to Artanis pulling out the spore to present to him.

“En Taro Tassadar brother.” Artanis floated towards me staring at the spore with interest. “ You may be wandering what I have requested this spore for, epically with our war efforts against the Zerg.”

“Well yes, I would’ve imagined Queen of blades would have started an infestation once the spore was aboard but you are the high matriarch so there is always a good reason.” I responded nervously.

Artanis gave me a curious stare and continued “You know how the Zerg poses there rapid healing gland? Well I was hoping this spore would give us an idea on how we could use on people like you. Even though Immortals have on us many battles but after this war or when you are not on duty you could come out of those cramp bodies you have and walk amongst the others normally.”

I remained speechless. The thought to be in my original body, walking among my brothers and being a Dark Templar again. I’ve been in this suit for so long I don’t remember what its like to walk. That must be why he wanted an immortal to test. “What if this made the immortals a Hybrid and they turned on us? We’ve seen the future on what the Hybrids are capable of doing and more importantly that they are being led by the Xel’Naga. Furthermore the Zerg isn’t the real enemy. “

Artanis gave me a worried glance and then looked out into the great void. “That is a risk and we are not forcing any of the immortals or dragoons to take part in this experiment. Nor the Stalkers or any injured templar. We thought that if this did work it could be used to turn the tables. But there are always risks. Bringing that spore here in the first place was a huge risk.”

There was silence between the two of us for a couple of minutes. Both of us staring into the void with worry.

“I’ll do it. I lived a long life and if anything goes wrong then those thermal lances will do what they were built for doing… Purification by fire” I said thinking long and hard about my decision. But living for 700 years and watching younger generations die or become immortals, dragoons, or even stalkers is just sanding.

“Wha-What? Are you sure you want to do this? It could go wrong and may end up in your death.”

“Yes brother, I will bare the risks upon using it. Even if I have to give up life, but this could prevent most deaths in war and maybe even give us an advantage.”

The room grew quiet once more as Artanis looked at me with a face of hope.

“Thank you brother, may Akalah make this work.”

The next day I went to one of the Med-bays in my golden body of war. I slowly walked there staring at my goldfish with worry. “Still haven’t come up a name for you but it won’t matter soon much anyways.” I thought to my self as I walked toward the Med-bay. I was taken out of my golden body and was just in my Healing tube with my gold fish. I was just a body with a head two arms and a damaged head. No legs. Before they began I was put to sleep with a few psionic flashes.

“Why did you put him to sleep Artanis?”

“If this does fail, I want his last memories to not be filled with blood shed.”

“Very well, begin with extracting the spore.”

The spore was carefully sucked into tubes around the healing tube Zeal was in. The tube started to fill up with a feint green glow with dark purple scraps floating around. The spores started to attach to Zeal and started to rip itself apart and healing itself simultaneously. The Psionic shield that all Protoss naturally use tried to get rid of the zerg spores. Soon the shield failed and died out after a few minutes.

After a few minutes of the spores healing and destroying there was a huge flash in the room blinding all that were within a visible hundred feet of it. When the Visions of the Doctor’s cleared up they noticed that Zeal was missing. But not just him. Everything that was connected with him went missing. Even the Zerg Spore was missing no where to be seen.

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