angels infatuation

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bad ass, seductive boy angel meets crank, stubborn, but beautiful Sofia. They both can't stand each other but in some way can't get enough of the other. read. x). tell me if you think i should start a novel for it?

Submitted: August 12, 2010

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Submitted: August 12, 2010



The tree’s branches swayed slightly in the wind, the only thing in the woods that could be heard is the soft rustling of the leaves. Small taunting noises that made one go into a false state of peacefulness. I was to smart then to fall back into the sweet silence, and let it make me feel secure, not when what I was going to do was way to dangerous to even consider doing.

“Can you relax, Sofia?” Requiem asked with a light chuckle, he snaked one arm around my shoulders and gave me a light squeeze, which I think was his weird way of comforting me. I let him draw me into his muscular body, not because I wanted to but only that the warmth of his naked skin felt to good against the cool air to deny. Letting my self fall quiet we walked deeper into the forest, sticks snapping under our feet while we advanced farther.

“Are we almost there yet?” I answered with a question of my own. I could almost feel his grin grow across his lips and I knew if I looked up to confirm it, it would just piss me off. Weren’t angels suppose to be nice, soft spoken, and not a pain in the ass? Shaking off that thought I remembered before him I did not even believe in angels, so questions of what he should be like shouldn’t even be asked.

One thing said is all the sculptures of the sweet baby faced children did not look like the man who was walking next to me. There was nothing angelic about him, just raw sexyness. Like a real life version of all women’s wet dreams, and he was stuck with me. Which you know really sucked for some one so hot. I let my eyes roam up to his perfectly sculpted chest, his toned chest blending in with the dusk. Then to his face, sweeping over his jaw, which was now clean shaven, and his high cheekbones. Next was those perfect bright green eyes that seemed to stare right through you with so much intelligence. Black hair was pushed back but a few strands that he tied up in his pony tail escaped and fell into his face. Yep, the grin was there.

“You fell off of a slide once! It was when you were five, Sofia, I’m not going to just drop you.” He said glancing down at me with amusement leaking into his face, I liked when he was this happy, just not when it was mocking me, damn it! Which just happened to be his favorite pass time.

Glaring at him with the full weight of my chocolate eyes I moved away from him giving me some distance so I would not hit him. “Stop reading my mind, Requiem, I don’t have to be here, and you can’t stop me from leaving.” I threatened coolly crossing my arms over my chest. “And stop calling me Sofia.” I added. Only my mom called me by my full name, and he was not my mom. The rest of the god damn world just called me Soph.

Requiem lifted his arms up as if he was innocent while he walked ahead of me blocking the view with his body. “Just trying to calm you down, soph.”

I gave his big old, stupid body a dirty look while we walked, I liked this position better, it was easy to stare holes in him. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply ignoring his response, I was being crabby and he did not need it. Then again all the blame could not go to me, he just really knew how to strike a nerve in me, but then again I was just mad because I wanted my life back. My boring old job that consisted of waking up going to work and then repeating he same thing, and returning to my awesome lonely house.

“Okay, close your eyes.” He instructed in his smooth alto tone, I was about to shoot a remark at him but he cut me off. “No arguing just do it.” The way he spoke sounded like he was tired, and annoyance was evidence in the demanding way he talked to me. I let it go and did what I was told.

Feeling his warm presents leave my side, made me want to protest but I remained silent not wanting to bother him to much. Standing still I bit my lip and flinched when I heard the distant sound of a groan. Then I knew he was now the full man that he was, wings ripped out of his back to stand at a full length of about six feet, they were white. And each feather had black tips like some one stuck each individual tip into a paint can. He was absolutely beautiful like that. My breath got heavier and I had to try and control my breath while I listened for him to tell me when I could open my eyes up.

“You can look now.” He told me lowly causing me to fight off a shiver that the night had nothing to do with. Listening, I did what he said to look at him.

I laughed, it was the only thing I could do. There was a clearing in the woods, it was more like a ledge, that looked out over water. No trees lay near that ledge, which was perfect since nothing blocked the view of the moon that hung in the sky. I blinked, when the image did not waver or disappear I let out one shaky breath. Seemed like a story book picture. “Wow.”

In the middle of it all, Requiem stood in the middle of my view, his wings catching the moonlight like it was what they were meant for. His black hair now down hanging over his body and all pushed away from his face to show his green eyes watching me with distant interest. His chest was bear except the straps that hung over each shoulder to keep his pants fitting well to him. The bright red star on his left peck stood out. He looked old fashion something straight off of a romance novel. Once I asked him about it and he simply smiled and told me, old things die hard.

Moving to him slowly I walked closer in the dark, letting his brilliant eyes watch my moves like a predator, seeing right through me, he always looked at me with the same expression. Like I interested him, a new animal at the zoo. I stopped though once I was a few inches away from him and looked down at my feet unsure of what to do or to say.

To my look requiem broke the silence he let his fingers move under my chin to tilt my face up to his, at that moment my heart stopped with my breathing. “Touch me.” He requested this time, letting his hard demanding tone soften, as if he was afraid of scaring me away.

Doing exactly what he said I lifted my hand to brush across his jaw, my eyes lavishly taking in all of his features. My whole body started to feel weaker, like I’d fall over at any given moment. He must of noticed to because he came closer to pull me against his chest supporting my weight with his warm muscled arms.

“Your beautiful.” I blurted out with out thought, and let my brunette waves fall over my shoulder to hide the blush that ran up to my cheeks. He grinned down at me letting his head fall closer to mine, black hair falling over his shoulder to mingle with mine. He let his head dip down to hover his lips over mine, letting me finish the distance. Leaning closer to him I moved to finish the distance as my mind yelled at me. “So how are we going to do this?” I asked abruptly. We were so close that my lips had to brush against hit when I talked.

Requiem pulled back turning his head from me before I could see the expression that was on his face, I bet it was probably relief. “I’m holding you.” He told her matter of fact.

That had me backing away shaking my head quickly. “Oh no, no, no.” I said putting my hands out in front of me so if he came closer I could easily push him away. Which was a waist of time since he could easily fight me and win. Maybe it was because he could bench a mini van, well that was just a small possibility.

He sighed and took a slow step towards me, wings flapping slightly with his movement. “Soph, I won’t let anything happen to you.” He said face turning serous and hard. He looked so much older when he was somber, well he looked almost like his true age when he was in all business mode.

I shook my head at him again and spoke up running a hand through my short brunette hair. “Requiem, no offense but I don’t feel awfully safe flying and the only thing preventing me from falling is one of your arms.” I shot back turning my back to him and walking away. I did not bother to listen to what he further had to say and instead focused on remembering how to get out of the forest.

When I was a foot away instantly my feet lifted off the ground. Two arms hoisted me up with out any problem. I yelped trying to struggle out of his bone crushing grip, kicking at his legs but it did not seem to phase him one bit. “God damn it, Requiem!” I growled

Ignoring me he turned to face the cliff, it was not until he took three slow steps back that I started to panic. I struggled and screamed clawing at his arms until it drew blood. He just let me for a few moments before taking off at full sprint to the cliff. It was all like it was in slow motion. His long strides to the edge until finally his foot was kicking off of the side of the cliff. “Requiem!.” I screamed closing my eyes getting ready to feel the water beneath us rush up to crush me.

Wind hit my face and the feel of lifting up had me cracking open an eye. We were rising higher past the cliff, his wings working with ease to lift us higher and higher. I had to laugh again, happy hysteria bubbled up from my gut escaping my lips. We rose into the dark sky, over the rustling leaves on the top of the trees. Everything seemed so amazing from above and the sky was lighter, stars looking brighter then normal. I screamed letting my hands slip through Requiem’s straps and sticking them out in front of me like I was flying. This time my scream was the one excited girls do when they are stuck on roller coasters.

I felt a rumble come from Requiem’s chest as he chuckled at me, his arms still snaking around my waist to hold me closely to him. “Told you, your safe.” He said in my ear while we soared over the forest. His wings flapping gracefully and sometimes turning to turn us upside down and stopping, to let us soar over what lay beneath us. My fear was gone as I looked farther out into the endless black. This was what I needed in my life, minus the bad guys, and angel trying to seduce me, but this, this was breath taking.

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