Curse of death

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This is about a necromancer named Charlie who attracts sexy strip club bouncer to her. He is a vampire and her powers call to him worse then no one elses.

Submitted: August 11, 2010

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Submitted: August 11, 2010



The long tall grass was dried and on its way to dying, its lifeless length crunching under the boots of my unknown enemies. The tall starches made my skin itch like ten thousand ants storming over my bare body, but I did not dare move. To keep myself from moving my hands with out thought, I clawed them into the dirt that was closest to my face. I lay sprawled out on my stomach, praying the dead field was not the same fate as my own. A picture of my own lifeless body laying in the field flashed through my mind but I quickly squished it down, but not soon enough.

I tried to breath past the giant pulse in my neck with silent ragged breaths. If I was not sixteen I could of sworn I was having a heart attack, but I could not be that lucky. My fear dimmed a little by the bitterness my mind tried to pull over me to save me from the terror.

Louder noises stalked closer to my hiding place, making it easier to track their movements. And estimate their position. They were coming closer from the night, looking for the shadows I hid in. I knew any second they would spot me and drag me up to face rage filled eyes.

I closed my own eyes, trying to block out the sound and sink into my  happy place I knew so well, but even without sound I could feel one out of the whole ten men approaching. It was like we were one but not the same. If I focused hard enough I felt like I could smell, hear, and see everything he was experiencing. We were attached by invisible chords that I did not know how to shield from. How can you break a bond that is not tangible?  A hunch broke out over me like waves crashing over you at a beach, it leaves you shocked and too surprised to move. If I could feel him, he could feel me.

The realization sent a jolt of horror rushing through me. My heart beating so fast it would have been believable that my attackers could hear it from where they stood. I could taste metallic on my tongue so I knew I had to calm down.

Vampire, my mind echoed but I shook it off. No, I refused to believe it.

“Can you feel her? Where is she?” A voice spoke impatiently, a voice that had been thickened and roughed up by years of smoking. I froze, knowing the man I was linked to would give away my position quickly. I paused wondering if I would have had enough time to run for it, but knew they would shoot me even if the slightest amount of grass swayed the wrong way.
As if I was a second passenger in his body, I felt his eyes dart to where I lay hidden. I bit down on my lip. Don’t scream Charlie, stay calm, I thought but I was to panicked to have self help talk that all therapists worship work.

“She is shielding.” A low musical voice lied without hesitation. “but I hear her heartbeat this way.”  He nodded to the opposite direction that I was.

Before I could thank god the faint smell of fire and smoke drifted past me, causing my lungs to burn with the need to cough. They set the field on fire! Suddenly the flames were around me, consuming me. I screamed in terror and pain as I rolled around desperately to just roll into more fire.

The view of me flashed to the man’s point of view staring down at my body, my eyes and flesh burnt from the bone, staring back up at him. My jaw working wordlessly.

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