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Its for all those, who are passionate about driving.

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016






You put on the keys,

Check the gear,

And your hands are on the wheel,

Which you are about to steer..


Your eyes are on the road ahead,

Your hands are steady still.

Driving is your passion,

For you, it has always been a thrill..


Some cool breeze soothing your hair,

Mountains and valleys alongside,

And with humming songs and tapping hands,

Through the roads, you glide..


You are calm, cool and relaxed,

But your mind is scattered here and there..

Mechanically your body is driving,

 But you, yourself are wandering elsewhere..


Screaming and honking loudly,

Some speedy vehicle passes you

And suddenly you are back to senses,

And wonder, for so much time, where were you?!


It is this thing, that makes you love driving,

With your mind, you get so much time to spend.

You let loose your thoughts, to roam anywhere,

And feel the path ahead should have no end..


And when you return back home

You are so much at peace.

And all you keep on saying is,

“driving gives me sheer bliss”..!!



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