Multifaceted Glass

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A play I wrote for class. I had to pick a picture, a theme, and overhear conversation. And one of the scenes had to be out of order. Ya think I did it right?

Submitted: September 16, 2009

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Submitted: September 16, 2009




We begin with two mic stands, a distance apart on the stage. It’s pitch back except for two spotlights, one red, one blue. They go dark for five seconds, then come back up. Two identical twin girls are standing by each one. The one under the blue spotlight has a huge smile on her face, the one under the red looks freaked out.

The twin under the red spotlight should look childlike, and should have that wide eyed look about her, that she doesn’t know much about life, but she has that innocence about her. The blue twin should look a bit sinister, like she knows more than she should. She should appear manipulative. They should be wearing the same thing, but they need to carry what they wear in different ways.

Red twin: You don’t understand me. You can’t understand me. You’re just this person who doesn’t care, and I hate you.

Blue Twin: I care more than you think. Considering I’m inside you, I think for you, I do care. Don’t want you deviating, do I?

Red Twin: Yes I did, don’t put words in my mouth!

Blue Twin: You mean my mouth. {says decisively, trying to shut Red up. She doesn’t want to be defied}

Red Twin: [screams] GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Blue Twin: …my head.

Red Twin: Stop lying to me. Do you ever stop lying to me? I don’t believe you. I won’t believe you, ever…[covers ears and shuts eyes] You’re not real, and when I count to five and open my eyes you’ll be gone, just like the nice talking doctor said. One…two…three…four…FIVE!

[She opens her eyes to see the blue twin smiling slightly at her, as if amused.]

Blue Twin: I’m the only thing in your life that makes sense. Nothing has ever steered you more right than me.

Red Twin: You’re lying!

Blue Twin: How would you know that? I see what you see, hear what I hear. No one has ever believed, ever cared, unless you were me. [grins maliciously] Now, do what I tell you to do.

Red Twin: No!

Blue Twin: You can’t argue with your subconscious for long…

Red Twin: I can beat this…I can beat you…please, just leave me alone…please…[her voice starts breaking]

Blue Twin: I can’t. I’ve been here all your life…

A sheet and projector is rolled onto the stage as if from nowhere. The projector is a really old antique, and the sheet has the word “Memories” embroidered into it in purple. The blue twin guides the red twin over to a chair looking at the screen, which is facing the audience at an angle so the red twin can see it too. The blue twin operates the projector and turns it on.


The numbers before a movie starts come on. The red twin stares at the movie as it starts. There’s no spoken sound, only the sound of the projector working.

There’s a suburban house on the screen with a big red door and a tire swing in the front. Pan in on the tire swing and the red twin is climbing onto it, giggling. The red twin runs into the house after a bit and opens the door, the camera view following into the house.

The camera is at the red twin’s eye level, and she runs through the foyer, up the stairs, and into a princess themed room. She jumps onto the bed, giggling with glee, when she suddenly stops, catching her reflection in the mirror. Her reflection is the blue twin, smiling bemusedly at her. She puts a finger up to her lips, then disappears from the mirror. The red twin in the projection looks confused, but before she can do anything, she turns around and sees the blue twin right in front of her.

[subtitled] Blue Twin: Hi.

The current red twin screams…


Blue Twin: See, I told you. I am always here, always will be. [smiles bemusedly again] FEAR ME!

The Red Twin sits, contemplating this. The Blue Twin smiles, thinking she’s won. Suddenly, the Red Twin screams, grabs the chair she’s sitting in and whips it around, crashing it into the Blue Twin, who disappears. As the blue Twin gets hit by the chair, she gets literally broken, and glass falls to the stage floor.

The Red Twin stares at the glass on the floor, not understanding, and the blue spotlight moves over to the red one, making the spotlight on her purple.

Red Twin: Um....aaaah?

She stares at the glass for a few more seconds and then walks off the stage as the lights go out.

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