Behind Closed Doors

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Just a 5 minute scribble. Enjoy.

Submitted: January 11, 2008

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Submitted: January 11, 2008






Behind Closed Doors

Eyes closed, eyes open. Ears closed, ears open. Mind closed, mind open.

As both body and soul warped into a raging inner fury, every deep breath, every passing second was a step back to sanity.

Was it really that bad?

It didn’t matter now. It was done. No word, no action no one could do anything to help now.

A head full of thoughts, words, possibilities, random, they didn’t help solve anything, yet there was something soothing, relaxing, even calming about them.

He walked onwards, oblivious to all and everything around hi. People could not find him, words would not reach him. He was lost, lost in himself.

In his mind he knew there was nothing wrong and yet he was fully aware of the problem. He searches, for what? An answer? Justification? An excuse? A way out? He is looking for what only he can find. To them nothing, to him everything.

And he will find it. He probes, he searches, he wants. He will find what he is looking for, in his mind, behind closed doors.




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