love and regret chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"Wow, that was...." I said.

"It was what?" Xander asked.

" That was ?amazing?." I said. My head was spinning. I could barely breathe.

"Well I'm glad. For a second I thought you were upset." he says ,clearly releived.

"Well, I'm not. But I do have to go." I say to him.

"Why?" he asks. And I can tell he's not happy.

" I have to go because I have to witness a trial with Her Majesty, Queen Channary, tomorrow." I say, upset as well. The truth is I hate my sister. She is a horrible Queen. I should be Queen because I would accually care? about my people. The reason I hate her is when we were children she was jealous of my beauty, so she lit a real fire in a fireplace, even though that's illegal because of the domes and the recycled oxygen. So then she called me and told me to come close to the fire and said,

" Little Levana, Come here and look at this fire." She said calling me.

" But Channary that's illegal. And it's dangerous, you could burn yourself. O-or start a fire in the palace!" I said to her. I tried to put it out, but she held me back. At the time I was young, so I had no idea what her plan was.

" Oh little sister." she sighed with fake saddness. " Why don't you feel the warmpth of the fire?"

" No I don't want to-" suddenly Channary, using her glamour, made me thrust my arms into the fire. Then the right side of my head. I screamed and screamed. Calling for help but no one around to hear. Then I looked at Channary, and the smile one her face was one of pure joy. Joy from watching my skin burn.

" Now everyone won't think youre so beautiful?." When she said beautiful she looked like she ate a sour apple tart. Then she started to smile. Suddenly, I heard voices. They were coming toward us.

"HELP!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!" I screamed. Suddenly servants came around the corner. Then I looked at Channary's face and I saw a quick flash of worry in her face.

" Help! My sister lit a fire and she fell in! I-I tried to help her, but she's stuck!" She said crying hysterially. And while this was happening, I never stopped crying or screaming.

" Come on and help me get her out!" said a servant. Then as all the servants came, I finally passed out.

" Oh. Well I'll see you tomorrow, Levanna." He said to me, waving as I was walking away from the lake.

" Bye Xander." I say as I'm walking away " See you tomorrow."

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