Rehab By Sunrise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

What was supposed to be a 4 hour limo ride to a rehab facility turned into a front row seat to an addict's adventure.

  It was a monday night around 10:30pm when I got the call. I was watching TV anticipating a new episode of the Ultimate Fighter at 11 pm. My caller ID read "MAVERICK", I didn't want to pick it up, but after 4 rings I did. " RED! You got to drive a buddy of mine to Calistoga for rehab tonight, he needs to go. He'll pay you well and I'll throw some hundreds at you!" The owner of the limo I drive was begging me do get his friend to a rehab facility. He already owed me seven hundred bucks, so I thought why not get a couple hundred more. Little did I know that this was going to be a journey into an addict's life .

  After getting instructions that "Rocco" would be waiting in Maverick's construction yard, I headed down to Sausalito with Limo to grab him. Arriving in the yard I noticed a small, stocky guy unloading his pickup truck. I pulled beside him and we introduced ourselves. The plan was to take him up north about an hour and a half away, then return before the sun came up so I could get
some rest. 'Red, what's up, Rocco! Here's a hundred, there is plenty more where that came  from. I really appreciate this, I need this, Maverick is doing me a favor by not letting me drive. You want some blow or weed for the drive?" Rocco stands about 5'5" with a muscular build, estimation 185lbs. It was obvious he was hyped up on drugs and alcohol all day. "No thanks
bro, I got to drive and get you there safe." He then handed me a couple of pills, a bindle of coke, a stinky nugget, and told me to give it to some of my clients. I stuffed all his nasty addictions in the center console, he then gathered all his junk from his truck and loaded the trunk. We were headed North.

 He wanted to make a few stops first. " I've got to be me and get to rehab fucked up." Rocco had a stack of hundreds too thick for me to even guesstimate. This was the first addict I'd ever been around during an episode of destruction. Nervous, but excited  to see what the night had in store we began to bond. First stop was his house in Terra Linda, I got a brief history lesson of his situation on the drive. Gorgeous wife, big house, owns own construction company,  infant daughter, former High School football star in Oregon, just got paid $18,000 from a concrete job, 4 years older than me,  very sensitive, already crying, Gemini, from big Italian family, doesn't like the fact that I'm 6'5", third time going to rehab, and wants to spend all $18,000 before we get there. Wow, suddenly I realize we are going to spend a few days together doing bad things.


 After tour of immaculately clean house, garage, motorcycles, backyard, old High School football photos, terrace, view, then a crying moment when he showed me pictures of his wife and daughter we begin our journey up North. Oh, forgot to add how he gave me his stash of coke, speed, weed and pills from his tool box in garage. "Red I don't need these anymore, get rid of them for me, I'm sure you have friend's who like this stuff!" Who doesn't I thought, then stuffed the felonies in my pocket. We drive through San Rafael and he wants to stop at a couple of bars for drinks and goodbyes to barfly friends. Trevor's, Matteucci,s, then Pete's 881 quick shots of Jack at every stop. I tag along and make sure he doesn't fight, cry or shit himself. He loves the attention and talks to everyone in bar, introduces me as his bodyguard with no hesitation to reveal he's on his way to rehab. Liquor Store stop on 4th street before 2am, load up limo with beers, ice and Jack Daniels. "Roc how are you going to drink all this in 2 hours?" He looks at me, surprisingly wide eyed, "We aren't going straight up there, clear your schedule, grab an SF Weekly we are getting a room at the Embassy Suites!" It's early Tuesday Am, why not I thought, all or nothing with this guy. It hits me at that moment who Rocco reminds me of, a cross between Danny Bonaduce and Regis Phylbin. Tiny alcoholic buff guy who loves to talk a lot and bullshit with strangers. He also self describes himself as a "Gemini WOP bastard", then he gets emotional and cries. I tell him it will be alright, I'm a "Crabby MICK bastard!".


 We grab an SF Weekly, check into hotel, Rocco flirts with front desk girls, he flashes his wad of cash, then we go back to limo and bring in all the alcohol. Room is a big suite, has a bar area but only one bedroom with two queen size beds. All I could think of was I hope he doesn't snore. Also, I hope he can actually sleep with all the drugs and liquor in his system. And yes, he has been sneaking in the limo's center console for his fixes. He has some of the assortment of goodies in bathroom, sneaky little Eye-talian. "Let's pick out some girls!" Rocco is thumbing thru SF Weekly. "I'm good" even though I was single at the time I didn't need an STD. "C'mon Red Robin, on me, enjoy!" I told him he can fuck like a little monkey on steroids in the other room but I'm not  participating. He finds ad in paper calls escort service and asks for a black and white girl. We watch a rerun of Seinfeld and I crack open my first beer anxious to see what the escort service sends. Hours go by, no girls, I fall asleep in bedroom. "They're here!" Rocco bursts into my room, I look at time, 6:15am. I get up and go into living room and give them the bedroom. Girls weren't too cute, covered in tattoos, I did get to see them naked, told them I was gay, the Gemini WOP Bastard didn't mind, more for him. Noises of laughter, anger, intoxicated romantic banter by Rocco, fake moans, and finally silence. Are they sleeping? Then all of a sudden shouting, one of the girls wants more money. Rocco shouts back, "Who took all my weed?" I'm watching Sports Center in living room as they storm out of hotel room. "Those whores stole my weed!" Rocco is in his tighty whities with a Budweiser in hand. "Let them go, don't want any problems at hotel" he agrees with me and we try and get some rest, it's 8am.


 We sleep til afternoon, shower, put on same clothes, eat lunch at hotel bar, then begin to head North again. "Red hold this from now on", he gives me his thick wad of hundreds. "RED, Whatever you want to do today, we will do. How about hot air ballooning, jet skiing, wine tasting, sky-diving, more hookers?" He needed constant stimulation, I didn't want any of that, just more sleep. We arrive in downtown Petaluma. Like a kid asking his dad for a dollar Rocco asks me for a hundred dollar bill. I give it to him and he disappears. I try and take a nap in limo only to be waken by a drunk Rocco 30 minutes later. "Where did you go?" I ask. " Just barhopping making friends, let's go to Walgreens need to get toiletries, clothes and stuff". In Walgreens he is running down isles opening whip cream cans sucking down whip-its, eating candy, drinking wine out of box, leaving a trail of destruction behind. I grab a toothbrush, deodorant, phone charger, white t shirts, and some flip flops. Rocco is flirting with clerk, he then tips her and tells her he is an Eye-Talian Leprechaun. We head over to McNears restaurant bar.


 Rocco orders a steak sandwich, hamburger, salad, and soup. Eats nothing but puts back 5 beers and a shot of Jack. I have a sandwich and a coke, beginning to feel so sorry for this guy. He obviously makes money, has a great family and home, personable and likeable guy. But, it really got me thinking, I have no idea what it is like to be an addict. Maybe I'm blessed in different ways than him. I do envy his family life, but it's so tainted. We stop in a couple of boutique shops around downtown area. He buys me a pair of Gucci sunglasses, baseball cap, a shirt and a watch. Then we head up to Calistoga. We check into a Bed and Breakfast near downtown Calistoga. He thumbs through SF Weekly again for another escort. We share a small bungalow at Washington Street Inn. Rocco has taken most of the speed by now, he is super wide eyed and hyper. He stole a football at Walgreens and we are playing catch in front of Inn. He wants me to try and tackle him, I told him try and get passed me. I throw him ball and he charges my way, pretty quick for an old little guy. I lower my shoulders and demolish him, he lands in rose bushes next to front office. Older couple who own Inn come out and tell us that no rough housing is allowed. Rocco apologizes and tells them he's just a dumb retired NFL star, they shake their heads and we jump in limo headed to Santa Rosa to pick up an escort. Rocco arranged meeting at a Safeway.


 It's dark by the time we get to Safeway. She is waiting in her red Ford Escort (Irony) and jumps eagerly into limo. She is better looking than the other two girls from Embassy Suites combined. She is tall, dark hair, full figured and wearing plaid skirt with knee high white socks. I'd definitely hit on her at a bar. We head back to Calistoga. She introduces herself as Lacy, before I know it Rocco has her legs in the air in back of limo. Road is windy back to Inn but he manages to fuck like a Leprechaun on Viagra, her moans are fake. She starts singing, he tells her she has a voice of an angel, and shows her pictures of his angel. His daughter. Rocco begins to cry. She wants to go to Casino. Rocco agrees and asks for his wad of cash, I hand it to him. It is considerably thinner than two days ago. On our way to River Rock Casino, Lacy asks " When is Big Red going to jump back here and play?" Not going to use gay excuse this time, "I have a girlfriend" especially since Rocco didn't wear a condom. She didn't like that answer. "I have a wife!" Rocco chirps, then begins to cry. "Suck it up you Gemini WOP Bastard, enjoy, your gonna be a sober bastard soon". Lacy laughs and they fuck and suck some more, we arrive at Casino around 9pm.


 Lacy blows three hundred on slot machines within an hour. Rocco loses five hundred on blackjack tables. He laughs and tells dealers it's only money, have plenty more where that came from. People at table are shocked to see his carefree attitude, I don't even think he knows how to play Blackjack. We stay until midnight, eat, gamble, bounce back to limo for drinks while Rocco and Lacy enjoy the assorted felonies in center console. Head back to Bed and Breakfast. Lacy crashes in bed, Rocco cleans out limo high on a Kaleidoscope of drugs, bounces around town bars and restaurants, meets people and is out all night. I fall asleep next to Lacy, wake up in morning and watch her shower. Rocco is MIA. She asks if I want a blowjob? I'll leave my answer to a vivid imagination. Rocco returns without a shirt on, we pack up and head out to breakfast. What a sight to see, Rocco dressed my XXL t-shirt and shorts, Lacy in plaid skirt and knee highs with pigtails, and me three day scruff, baseball hat, dress pants and flip flops. Many stares from town locals at busy breakfast spot. Rocco tips big and flirts with waitress, Lacy laughs at his cheesy lines. We finish and drive back to Santa Rosa to drop Lacy off at Safeway.


 It's time to go back to Calistoga and check Rocco into Duffy's Rehabilitation, he is ready. We drive down long driveway to facility, there are people hanging out on porch. Rocco jumps out, grabs his bag from trunk, he pounds his chest like Tarzan, starts to cry and gives me a big hug. "Are you ready to change everything for the best?" He looks up at me like a guilty kid, "Yes I am, thank you for last couple of days". He hands me five Hundreds. I give it back to him and tell him to buy his wife and daughter something nice, I had a fun time and glad he is safe at destination. He begins to cry again, I almost do too. He walks over to front door and the girls on porch are in awe he came in a limo. One of the girls asks " Are you famous?" Rocco smiles and replies, " No, I'm just a Gemini WOP Bastard!". I wave goodbye and watch him interact joylessly with his people. Long ride home, I sleep for 10 hours, wake up refreshed. Never saw Rocco again, think of him from time to time, looked his Concrete company up online. He's still in business. Hope he is doing well.......

Submitted: November 18, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Rojito. All rights reserved.

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