Running (a recurring dream)

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Based on a dream I had

Submitted: August 12, 2009

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Submitted: August 12, 2009



Pajama laden, atop a hill I awaken
My hands caress the sleepy eyes
So better the light may ease my surprise
To my feet my body stands
To best assess the surrounding land
A night time scene unfolds
With woods behind
Stars above
A small town below
The current time I cannot find
Nor can I surmise how I came to arrive
A mournful limb from the forest behind me
Cries a sharp snap as it breaks from its tree
Startled I turn so better to hear
The sounds of hooves and claws
Tearing their way near
The urge to flee I cannot deny
And to my feet I plead to fly
But when said feet begin their traverse
They move so slow it feels like reverse
Slipping and tripping the traction is missing
And close behind the beasts come snarling and hissing
Out of breath I start to perspire
Why do my legs feel so heavy and tired
So close now their breath I can feel
As I try to run faster and get in the clear
Purchase my feet they finally find
Against the soil as my speed it climbs
Faster and faster my body it moves
Until its so quick that my hands help to
And on all fours like a dog I run
Leaping and bounding
I have so much fun
With each stride I clear four meters
Until my pursuers tire and teeter
And on the next hillI I stop to turn
The beasts gave up
Their lesson was learned
Six a.m. my alarm clock it screams
I shoot out of bed now awake from my dream
Rested and happy I head off to work
My toes and my feet still stained with brown earth

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