An Amateur's Perspective, Sight, and Journey

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This is my meaning of the controversial definition. This will give you a glance into my creativity, and how I view the world in artist's 'way of seeing.' I appreciatie anyone who reads this. Please feel free to comment and correct me.


Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



An Amateur’s Perspective, Sight and Journey through Art and Creativity



The definition of Art is one of the most flexible meanings. Because of this, many people have their own interpretation of art. Some people may believe Art is only expertly planned and executed paintings and drawings, whether they be digital or traditional. For the general ‘unseeing’ audience and critics (the public), Art receives a visual label. They—and I’m not saying everyone—may believe that Art represents masterpieces such as The Statue of David, by Michelangelo, Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci, or Van Gogh’s Starry Night . Lately however, I have been thinking of what my own individual perception of Art is, and discovered that Art is not just colorful and vivid works merely to attract an audience.

I am an amateur artist, not Renaissance Master! As an amateur, I am still pacing, correcting, criticizing myself and making mistakes in the process. Sometimes I rush through a drawing, and it turns out at a child’s level (rather humiliating)! Other times, like this small essay, I feel calm and relaxed; my thoughts, strokes, and words flowing onto the blank page with grace.

Lately, I have been developing my mind to ‘see’ like an artist. Training my mind to ‘see’ and perceive things beyond normal understanding that make a artist creative. The reason for this is I know it is the Artist’s task to think creatively outside the eyes of one-dimensionality. This new way of observing allows me to escape the harsh reality of the world—away from the murders, killings, and struggles I endure daily—in a creative way.

One other result of this new perspective, is the ability to ‘see’ the world differently to go as far as considering what I think is worthy of being called ‘creativity’. When I watch a sunrise in awe, I see the transitions of different colors, captivated by the energy a warm, glowing sphere breathing life and showering light into a new day. The trees’ branches may appear as sharp needles, or long arms stretching towards the sky. While I read, I do my best to hear how the writer tells his story, how he or she expresses his or herself in a way, to feel the emotions with intensity. I can even consider the use and forming of knots to be a form of art!

I told you before that the definition of Art is flexible. In truth, the public will have their visions and interpretations of art; this is an inescapable fact. Although, other artists and myself are of no acception, for even we have our own interpretations of what we think call creativity and art.  We as individuals decide and believe what we consider artwork and creativity. Through my own sight and perspective, I discovered that Art is not only colorful and vivid images, but it is also inside the human creations, ways of expression, and our surroundings make our universe a composition of depth, complexity, and endless inspiring masterpiece!

To my Booksie readers:

A self-assigned essay I decided to combat my current Writer’s Block. lol! I am very proud of this piece, and it was fun to do!  I was listening to this song

It is a sad Japanese song, but the background music kept me calm while writing this. My fave part is 1:58. You don't have to know the language to understand it's meaning.

 My time was 4 hours and 27 minutes. 500 words! The word count surprised me more than the length!

This is a view into the artistic vision in my head. At least that was my intention.

Lately I've been depressed about my gallery and literature I've posted so far. The other essay and story preview didn't feel like my best work, especially the preview! I felt embarressed that I showed the artistic community such a poorly written thing. This is my chance to make up for it. Comment, critique, favorite; I leave the rest up to all of you. Thanks in advance! ^^

The document: An Amateur's Perspectiv, Sight, and Journey Through Art and Creativity is copyright by red-mohawk on Deviant Art, and Rokutenchi on August 3, 2012 3:41p.m.

To my readers on Booksie:

Now, for the explanation why you have not seen me the last three years. I stopped writing for a long time because of my previous novel-in-progress. I realized that it was not my own voice. It bored me as I read it, and editing seemed like an endless process. I was fourteen years old. Now, three years later at the age of 17 I once again found my aspiration of writing and dream of becoming a novelist. Recently, I realized that writing is a form of Art. With this knowledge came the responsibility I will have to improve and perfect each essay or story that I write. I learned that writing is something more than just words, even more than even expressing yourself in a way you can’t with the mouth. To me, writing is something deep and creative that each of us has their own perception of.

A could list the reasons why I didn’t write, but I think I’ll just say I had tough times with myself. Many internal problems, stress, and so much self-hatred caused me to give up one of the things I love doing that I could call my own. I’ve only just begun to spark the flame on the candle that will lead me out of the cave, but I’ll come out…eventually. Currently I stand in an in-between state.

I hope this suffices.

On a lighter note, I have begun to draw and am becoming a traditional artist. I am learning to ‘see’ things like an artist. I been taking art since freshmen year and still continuing! So, I’ve decided to join the world’s most popular and active site, You can post anything from pictures, writing, animations, to painting with many different categories. If you are curious, check it out! Also from now on, I will post literature on both and I figured I might boost my watchers and audience. Check out my page: During your visit, do not be afraid to browse the categories, my favorites, and find other artists, no matter what their medium is! It’s great to be back home!


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