Life is so fragile

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It was February 28th and my life had changed forever before I even knew it.

Submitted: February 14, 2010

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Submitted: February 14, 2010



5:30 a:m, the alarm clock sounds and its time to start yet another day its February 28th, 2007. Doesnt seem like its going to be a day of any importance or difference. Then I remember the awful dreams i had last night, I just cant shake that lingering cloudy feeling that something isn't right. Im afraid now for my dreams weren't dreams but premonitions. I decide to get up get ready like nothing is wrong, since i don't have concrete proof anything is un-ordinary. As I walk out into the living room, its cold... and dark, I look behind me and there she is, lying on the couch. I automatically get so aggravated I think she has just passed out again and continue with my daily routine. Little did I know that my whole world was about to change forever. Its 7:00 am I wake my two little brothers, the bus is going to be here in just a half hour and they need to get ready. I go back into my room to call my friend, I still cant shake this feeling, something is wrong its not normal. My dreams, I cant get the images out of my mind whats happening? I tell my brother to wake her up my mother. I know its wrong I know something isn't right... but he's yelling for her to wake up. He comes in my room and says \"mom wont wake up, whats wrong with her?\" Oh my god... i tell him calmly to go into his room, he's 7 years old he cant see this this cant be happening... I go out turn the light on... oh god, oh god shes blue, I pick her head up towards me. There's nothing he eyes so glassy so... gone.. My dreams they were right, I got pissed???! I should have helped her. I go into my room... \"Lisa.. shes gone.. (sobs) shes gone oh my god what do I do my mom is dead!! (sobs.)\" Im shaking so scared so shaken, Im keeping calm thats what i have to do for my brothers but they know.. Oh god little Camden he knows I can hear the ear piercing heart wrenching screams down the hall. He knows, its the worst sounds I've ever heard. Anthony he doesn't know whats wrong, he's only 4 he's trying to wake her up. I have to get them into a room. My friends mom just called the ambulance, there's no use shes gone... forever.. I need to call my dad, he doesn't belive it I hope he gets here soon... I don't know what to do im just pacing, and pacing and shaking and saying oh my god over and over again. When the ambulance arrives they come in and get my statement. Im surprised in my self i kept it together good enough to tell them everything to what meds shes on. They put a blanket over her, but her foot sticks out.. all blue and swollen, shes really gone my mom my best friend.. we just had a night together last night we shopped and got Chinese she was fine.. the last thing she said to me... oh my god the last thing she said was \"Goodnight hunny I love you\" It sounded normal at the time but looking back it sounded like she knew, she knew this would happen. Its time to leave I need to get the hell out of here and now! My dad takes me and we drive away, we go to our friends house for awhile. After awhile the police get what they need and they take her away, away from me and my brothers and everyone. When we get there, there is a bunch of my family including my aunt, my moms sister. Shes not well, she has taken meds to dull the pain its evident in her presence. I can't belive this has happened, we cry and hug for hours she just sits on the couch where her sister lay just hours ago. Its a incredibly sad site, I cant hardly bare it I need to leave again leave my house for ever I cant come back here, Ill be living with my dad anyways so i wont have to. Its exactly 18 hours after 7:10 in the morning, the phone rings my heart falls to the ground. I know, its more bad news I cant take it. My dad takes the call, I over hear oh my god my aunt.. shes gone.. shes with my mom now. My heart my emotions im dead. I might as well be with them to my world on February 28th 2007 was changed forever, that girl that went to bed that night died that morning along with her best friends, there's just her twin walking around in the mortal world. People think that nothing will happen to them, things happen to people all the time you have to be ready to loose people and things because life is changing all the time it never stops. That day just a few hours changed my life and I'll never be the same. The only thing left that sounds to deliciously appealing is the route to take my own life, to do it or to not.. a decision that will be shortly made.

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