The Perfect 7

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A short romance story that I'm sure many of us can relate too. It's about finding beauty in imperfection, and having your hands tied because circumstances prevent you from telling someone how you truly feel about them.

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



“The Perfect 7”

She is his “Perfect 7”... although truth be told her beauty in his eyes defies heavens most sought after angels...

A scarred yet good hearted man would see an opportunity for happiness once again. She makes him laugh, she makes him smile... her presence inspires him and her cool words motivate him to achieve higher levels. What was forever a forgotten moment occurs again when her presence steals the breath from his chest...

She’s nothing short of beautiful in his eyes. Her smile leaves him near speechless, her touch puts a young boys first time butterflies back into his soul. The woman’s curves create an insatiable desire and her kind compliments restore a battered souls confidence...

The man sees an angel within her that he hasn’t seen since he could last remember. The thought of her in itself is a wonderful and mysterious gift. Time would show an overparticular individual something he never thought he’d see again... an opportunity to put the final piece into the puzzle of dreams. 

He wants to give her the warmth and protection she has deserved all her life. A shoulder to sleep or cry on, arms to embrace her, and a romantic yet understanding mind. Her toughness and strength defy anything he’s seen before, and she carries herself well amongst wolves. She’s cute, she’s cool, and her unfiltered “be real” attitude is the biggest draw. He knows she’d be a wild Saturday night, an easy Sunday morning and his finest friend during the week.

But as with all of life’s greatest gifts earned, the situation is complicated. In a den of wolves howling... secrets are often told. Consequences of a careful whisper are his only reservation. 

Men are undeniably terrible at reading between the lines. Although the signs he’s been given he has certainly enjoyed, neither him or her speaks a direct intention. Does he share his careful whisper with her? (This repeats through his mind).

Hurdles would need to be overcome to find their path to the stars. A slow and secret path would be the road best followed. A road through a troubled forest would lead to the greatest rewards...

For the man to move forward he’ll need to define his understanding within his mind, body and soul. Does he share the careful whisper with her... or continue on life’s journey without a trace of his intentions?

Every time I see you... I see my “Perfect 7”...


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