The Warriors of Rock

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Through good times and bad I believe music speaks volumes to us. I believe it can be life changing and I've had the good fortune to meet some great bands. This story was created to honor them. Special thanks to Trapt, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, 3 Days Grace, P.O.D. and many more. An extra special thanks to my brother Tony, for making it all possible.

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012




The Warriors of Rock


Thousands gathered together under a dome leading to the outdoors. Looks of exhaustion were painted on the patrons faces. Bloodshot eyes and a crowd soaked in sweat seemed to be the theme of the moment. Some staggering from the heat, others from the spirits. The excitement wore them down from an all day festival in high heat. The last band just played and seemed to draw out all the energy anyone had left. The kids were tired and we had a long drive home. 


Sitting down, head bobbing, weary from the drinks I’ve had and the heat exhaustion. My final debate begins of whether I should go to the bathroom and back to the front of the stage, or just go to the bathroom then the car. I take care of my duties in the washroom, grab another round and make my way back to the group at the front of the stage. Over the speakers it comes...


“Mic check” 


Sounds like the singer is making his final preparations... and so are my eyes. I take my seat and they slowly start to close.


Guitar Riff and the slam of a drum...


All I can think of is the long ride home that awaits us. I start to nod off and catch myself. As I open my eyes ever so slightly I see the white curtain start to raise. I look at the crowd and it seems we’re all floating in the same boat... just dead tired. Then it hits...


Brimstone and fire light up the stage. As the earth shattering welcome from the lead hits the airwaves, the guitar wails like a perfect storm. Drums slam just a moment later and rattle our seats...


The adrenaline comes rushing in. The gorgeous woman I’ve been trading words and drinks with sitting in front of me gives cheer and I immediately raise to my feet. I look over at my friends and they’re up, fists pumping in the air. What the hell... now my fists are pumping in the air as if something has completely taken control of me.


We sing along to all of our favorite songs as the rockstars put on their best show. Flames continue to rise out of the stage with a light show that could alert the other side of the universe. We’re so deaf at this point that we have to lip read the “Hell Yeah’s” off each others faces. And the Sound of Madness flows right through us...


Hugs are exchanged amongst men who consider each other brothers. The finest of angels are dancing through the night. Lighters illuminate the stadium and fives are given as high as they can go. Kids are on shoulders, women are on shoulders and somehow a gothic looking man is on the shoulders of a gothic looking woman... it is a rock show... we’ve seen stranger.


The band winds down to the last song on their set and thanks the crowd for their patronage. As the members bow and walk off stage more lighters fill the air with cell phones and anything else that will show the crowd wants more. The cheer for the encore begins.


A moment passes and the stadium lights are off. Loud and random screams for encore continue. The crowd is as pumped as it’s been all night. Raging voices continue to beg for more and then some cheers begin. I squint and I can see shadows moving around on the stage. I squint harder and I can’t tell if it’s the band or the crew wrapping everything up on stage... Then it hits...


My face is blasted with a blinding light, a loud boom and the heat of the pyros on stage. The musical notes seem to travel through the bodies of the crowd renewing an energy I haven’t seen out these people all day. And in the midst of it all I’m so blown back it takes me a moment to realize what is playing. For a moment I think it can’t be... and it is...


The lyrics come blasting through the speakers and I realized it’s the song that gave me hope when there wasn’t any left.


Not long ago getting food on the table was a daily fight, the roof over my head could have disappeared at any moment... and fates judgement upon me was nothing less than severe. But this song, chosen as the bands encore was my anthem to continue fighting for survival.


And as this moment of energy, soul, excitement and most of all thanks came to a close I realized... This is what the warriors of rock do.


They give us a moment to breathe, collect ourselves and continue fighting for the most important things in life. 


They lift our finest moments even higher and during our most dire moments they give us the energy to rebuild. 


They’re the reason you lift ten more pounds or run a quarter mile farther. 


They are the reason you unexpectedly kissed her on the lips for the first time and you’re  both still in love years later.


The warriors of rock fight for the freedom of our hearts and souls...

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