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Just somthing that started as a simple description exersice. enjoy! more to come XD i hope everythings acure, i tryed my best ^^

Submitted: November 20, 2009

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Submitted: November 20, 2009



The moon seemed to peek in through the gothic window. The town, only a story below, was quiet as the new winter air came in and the old summer air left.
The room in witch the window belonged to was dark, but warm. A queen sized bed fit snugly next to the fire place, and a wardrobe sat opposite of that. A table, with various tools used for writing and reading on it, was at the center of the room, with only a single chair that seemed to never be used. The walls were a cream color that matched the marble floors and bedding perfectly. A fire was burning, and the aroma of burning wood lingered in the room. A poker sat near the queen sized bed, if anyone needed it, and extra wood sat at the ready near the fire.
But alas, no one was there. The bed sat empty and cold, the chair the same. The wardrobe hadn’t been opened all that day and the books and other items on the table hadn’t been touched. The moon began to fall back into the abyss of the sky and the sun soon took over, it was at this time the owner had returned.
The doorknob to the tall wooden door opened, the owner’s soft foot steps trailed across the room toward the bed. The owner took of her shoes, hat and coat; she put them in a hamper hidden from view. The woman took the poker that was at the ready, and moved the old burning log to put in a new one. The fire roared and then simmered as if satisfied at the new “food” it had received.
With a sigh this woman, whom seemed to be greatly deprived of sleep, curled up under the blankets of the queen sized bed and quickly dozed off in a deep sleep.
It was late evening, about 5, when their came a knock at the woman’s door, “Miss Analice? Are you awake, it is late and your be getting cold.” The mans Irish accent was thick and heavy.
“Yes Alexander, I am up I will be down in a minute,” the woman, or Analice, threw her feet over the side of the bed and sat up. She surveyed the room ad found nothing wrong as usual. “Another day gone by that I have been condemned to,” she said solemnly.
The fire had long been burnt out and just charred remains were left. Analice got up and began to waltz toward her wardrobe, humming Kol Nidre by Max Bruch. Her footsteps so quiet you wouldn’t think her feet were hitting the ground, and movements so elegant you would think that she was taught by an Angle.
Analice opened her wardrobe and took out the best suitable outfit for the occasion. Black pants made of the most comfortable –and most expensive- fabric around. A Black corset with red stitching and a ruffled white and red shirt with intricate patterns to go under it, as far as coats go a blood red and black half coat seemed to do the trick along with tall heal boots that went to the knee.
And an outfit wouldn’t be complete with out weapons, after all when hunting for Werewolf and what not one must be prepared.
The Colt single Single Action Arm, otherwise known as the Colt peacemaker, would do the trick, being introduced in the 1870’s the Colt peacemaker didn’t suit a battle with todays human but the single shot, six round revolving cylinder fit Analice perfectly. Besides she was more interested in the hand to hand combat, part of the job. So feeling a litlle low on weponry Analice dug through her wardrobe untill she found an idal sword and dagger, a nihont? or Japanese sword wich was two shaku long, one shaku is equal to 30.3 cm long, so the length was ideal for a katana. The hilt of the sword was black, with red detail and tassles. As for the daggers is was simple parrying daggers. But for fun Analice made sure to grabe some shurikens.
As she made her way down stairs, Analice could hear a loud comotion coming from the dinning hall. So she followed the deep red rug through the hall her mother had call, “the trophy hall”, wich was filled with some of her greatest enimys weapons, and into the dinnign hall. “What do you mean she can go and I cnat?!” Analice had walked in just in time to see her little sister Delilah learn the news bout how she wasn’t ging to Italy with her. Deliahs hair was shorter than analices and black, wich she had clearly gaind from her father. She was short and young but packed a temper, and wouldn’t take nonscence from anyone. Where as Aanalice had Long red hair that went down to her knees at the longest and had a good scence of what was just, and a level head. Something her youngger sister lacked.
Analice’s mother Dominique sat at the head of the long table, her elbows resting on the table, her chin restingon her hands, eyes peircing and a frown on her face.
“Your not going, its simple, Analice doent need you as a destraction,” Analice clearly inhearated her briliant red hair, and green eyes from her mother, as well as her calmness.
“Are you daft?!” Delilah yelled again, “The one shes going after is Gabriel! The guy who killed Dad and brother, shell get her self killed!”
Dominique shifted in her chair, noticeing Analice had come in the room, “Analice had requested that she go, I don’t want to put a damper on her pride, so I alloud it.”
By now Delilah was fuming, finally after many harsh words, she left, to where no one knew.
“Analice,” her mother spoke in a simple yet dark tone.
“please don’t die, if you do I fear ill never know who to deal with her,”
Analice smiled and noded befor grabing a scythe that was hanging on the wall and walking away, not knowing if she would come back., “bring some garlic with you dear!,” her mother snickerd as she walked away.
Chapter one
“you know I don’t condone you coming,” Advised Analice
Delilah smiled as she walked behind her elder sister, “Your only saying that because of mother, I can take care of my self.”
“That’s the kind of thinking that got Shawn and father killed,” Analice glanced at Delilah out of the vorner of her eye, knowing how sensative she was to the topic of their older brother.
“Shut up,” she had mumbled as she put her hands in her pokets.
The two were walking to the small cottage they had purchased in Bracciano Italy, a ways away from Rome.
“This is the cottage you paid so much for?” Delilah questioned as the two walked through the door. It was small with only one bed room, bathroom, a small kitchen, a sitting room, and a deck outside with a view over a samll lake.
“Well you didn’t tell me you were going to disobey mother and come any way, so I only got a cottage that would suit me.” Analice threw her bags onto the queen sized bed. One full of Cloths, the other wepons.
“You serous about this arent you, Analice?” For once Delilah seem concerd for her elder sister.
“Yes, its my fault Gabriel got away with what he did, I was careless and even worse, carefree, it wont happen again.” Analice was once as carefree, crazzy and hot temperd as her sister untill she feel inlove with Gabriel. But what she didn’t know was that he was a wanted criminal among the majic world. To make a long story short he killed her Father and Delilahs twin brother, Shawn.
Analice fliped open the cover to the wepon filled suit case and made sure all was well.
“Sister, im worried your taking this too far, if he was powerfull enough to kill even Father! Just think for one moment please,” Delilah pleaded but Analice just smirked
That dosnt sounf like you Lah-Lah.
“Don’t call me that!” she fumed.
Analice laughed, “Go to sleep, its late and I havent the slighest clue where Gabriel is, we have lots of searching to do in the moring,”
* **
Analice found her self sitting on the deck, staing at the sky deep in thougth.
She didn’t know why she was really doing this, was it to see him again? Or maby it was revenge, “Witches don’t use their powers for revenge, Analice” her mother had told her after her father died.
Analice knew this to be true, but she wanted so bad to show Gabriel she wasn’t weak, that she wouldn’t sit there and watch her family be slaugherd infront of her. But in reality that is what happened and she knew she was weak then, but now she was stronger and she would kill him. Even if it ment she died too, she would bring justice, and honor to her family name.

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