The Glass Boy

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its about a boy who is abused by his dad then he gets a gift from his grandma then things change for the better. READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BOY. RATED PG

Submitted: December 28, 2017

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Submitted: December 28, 2017




The Glass Boy

By Roman Chacon


Once an old lady ordered a glass block, she worked with glass and made glass products. She, was making a glass person, but she had no Idea what she should make it out of, so she thought of her grandson Roman then she had an idea, she was going to make her a glass version of her grandson for his birthday. She was building the sculpture for hours and hours on the sculpture until finally it was done. She was amazed by her work. She then wrapped it then put it on her truck, and took it to her grandson’s house. She went to the door with the sculpture and knocked, Roman came to the door and opened it and said, “hi grandma what are you doing here?” She said, “happy birthday here I made you something special for your birthday”

Roman said, “what is it” she replied, “it's a glass version of you”. Roman said,

“you made this for me, thank you”. Grandma told him he was welcome and told him to have a nice day then she left.

Roman took the sculpture upstairs into his room, and talked to it for hours. He said sadly, I wish I had friends and I wish you were my friend, I hate my dad, and life then he cried one tear fell on it. He went down for dinner his father said why are you such a bad son?  He yelled at him

Roman said in an upset tone “I’m sorry” his father grabbed him and threw him on the floor and shouted “your grandma is evil and bad, I hate her, and you will never see her again. Then he said, “go to your room, I hate you I wish you were never born”. The boy went to room and cried and said why does my dad hate my grandma, he is the evil one. At that moment, he heard a voice saying its ok. He looked at the glass version of himself that his grandma made. The boy said you can talk?  The glass Roman replied that he could. You brought me to life and I see how you feel. Roman said “you do” The glass boy said he could help him and together we will stop your dad by confronting him. Roman replied yes let's do this then they both go downstairs to the father said, “what are you doing downstairs you weak good for nothing boy”, the boy replies I’m not weak I brought a friend. The glass boy showed up he said, “you will hurt this boy no more”!!!  The dad said, “oh yeah try me” the glass boy used his power he had to turn the boy’s dad into glass he and Roman pushed the father he shattered in to a thousand pieces.

The human boy hugged the glass boy and said thank you, he hurt me all those years and glass boy replied you’re welcome, I love you, let's get out of here. They go to grandma’s house and the grandma was shocked to see that the glass boy was real, when she saw that he was alive. Why are you here? Roman explained to grandma the chain of events that occurred. I cried on him and he came to life, then he turned my dad into glass.  Then the glass boy explained his powers. Grandma said wow really, you're finally safe?  Then Roman, the glass boy and grandma, hugged. Roman realized if it wasn't for grandma he would have never had a change to feel happy and safe and loved. They lived happily ever after.

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