zootopia: roman and faith adventures

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

its about nick and Judy and their hybrid kids who go on cool, crazy, and "Wild" adventures and spend fun times being kids and dealing with conflict and having fun.

The life of the wilds: by roman chacon

CHAPTER 1: intro

Cast nick wilde, judy, faith, roman ( we are the kids of judy and nick.)  


Nick wilde: hi judy

JUDY:hi nick

Roman: good morning mom and dad

Faith: good morning also mom and dad.

Judy and nick: good morning kids

Judy: you want me to make carrot pancakes

Faith: yes


Faith: i'm hungry

Judy: I will make some

Nick: make me some too

JUdy: yes I know LOL

Nick: LOL

Faith and roman: what are you guys laughing about

Nick: nothing

30 mins LATER.

Judy: kids I have your pancakes.


Roman: thanks

Judy: I made them special for you guys

Faith and roman: thank you very much.

Nick sips coffee

Roman and faith eat pancakes

Roman: they are sooo yummy

Faith: delicious

Nick: I agree I love your pancakes

Judy: thanks

roman and faith loved the pancakes

Roman and faith finish their pancakes

Faith: ok lets go to school

Roman: im with you

Nick and judy say goodbye

Roman and faith go to school

8 hours later

Roman opens the door to the house because he has the key


Faith goes in her room roman goes in to his room.

(the parents are not at home because of work)

Faith and roman go to their rooms


(want part 2 just ask me but this is a teaser to the story of roman and faith and their family and friends)




I woke up at 730 am just cuz then I made eggs and grits for me and then I made some for faith but she wakes up at 530 and goes to bed at 800 and I go to bed at 900 and wake up at 730

FAITH: yum I love when you make breakfast

ROMAN: I argee.

Then at 8:10 mom and dad woke up and got ready NICK and judy went down the stairs

NICK: are you ready for work

ROMAN: yes I am

JUDY:faith are you ready for work


ROMAN: that means yes

NICK: ok lets go

ROMAN POV: we get in the car it was cool. I notice that their were guns and handcuffs in their but I did not care. I and faith got in the backseat we put r seatbelts.

NICK AND JUDY: armor up kids

ROMAN POV: we put on armor and grabbed guns then we went to the police station we walked and then we arrived in a office BOGO and clawhauser

BOGO: welcome kids today you will arrest mr weasel is evil.

Clawhauser: yea he is always stealing my donuts and stealing babies of mice, newborn kittens and he killed one of mr bigs mice that he really cared about.

BOGO: so it's your job to kill him roman and faith

Nick and judy: we will help you by sending a drone that will help you by tracking enemies and we will call you on this walkies

Roman and faith grab them and put them in their pockets

BOGO: we know he has security and guards so you have to be carefull


BOGO: alright let's get you two on chopper

Roman and faith go on the copper and they had guns and tranquilizers

And tracking maps and the drone that will follow anything for 100 miles without losing its location.

Bogo: be careful out there

We go on the chopper

FAITH: WHAT THE heck why are we gonna arrest someone I have no experience with this sort of thing i'm just a girl

Roman slaps faith

ROMAN:faith do not panic I will guide you I'm very experienced in this sort of thing so im gonna help you

FAITH: ok I will stay very calm. ok we are 5 miles from weasels mansion

ROMAN: ok good

20 mins later

ROMAN: ok we are here

We get out of the copper and land go on to a building a climb up their.

Roman: faith look down on your left there's a wolf guard on the ground

FAITH: ok I will take him out

Faith aimed the tran gun and shot him

ROMAN: good job now we can hack the door by using his card

ROMAN: but first we must take him to the police station

Roman looked in his backpack and found 20 fulton devices

FAITH: what are those things

ROMAN: they take people to a destination this thing is set on zootopia police station.

Roman wrapped the device on the guard and turned it on. the balloon  inflated and he was just floating then he went in to the sky.

FAITH AND I QUIETLY laughed about it for a while then as I was hacking and opening the door BOGO called me.

I answered

BOGO: thank you for sending him to me I will interrogate him and put him in bars try to send more goodbye now goodluck.

We get in the door and we see  2 guards we crawl and I say

ROMAN: you take this one and I will take this one

FAITH: (nods head in agreement)

We get behind the guards

Ok faith 1 2 3

Then we seduced the guards then they went to sleep

Then we used the devices and then 2 of the guards went up in the air.

Then we went up in a window into a building it was the upper lobby we saw security camera then I got a text message from bogo

BOGO: thanks for more people. Oh one of them said there's a stolen diamond in their if you want it's not part of the mission but it would nice if you get it ok BOGO OUT.

We go into a security room but there is a sleeping guard in the room

 ROMAN: ok faith we will grab him and put a device on him then throw him out of the window ok


ROMAN:1 2 3

Then we grabbed him and put a device on him he tried to break free but I hit him in the head he went cold then I put him out the window then pressed on the device he went up in the air to the police station

Ok faith I will hack the main security you keep a lookout

FAITH:ok I will

FAITH POV (finally a pov for Faith)

I looked around and peeked in the keyhole of a door and saw weasel sleeping but there's lasers and if you touch them you will activate the alarm

I called roman


FAITH:oh did you disable security

ROMAN:yes I did you want me to disable more

FAITH:yes look up weseals room

ROMAN:ok I will

1 min later

ROMAN: woah this will take me 5 mins but yes I can hack this

FAITH: ok thank you


I then waited then 5 guards came, I had to hide away from them so  I went in a vent then I used a gas bomb and then throw it down on the ground then they went to sleep then I used the devices on them then they went in the sky by the time I was done I noticed that weasels room was turned off

He texted me

ROMAN:your welcome


I went in his room carefully then I had two choices KILL OR TAKE TO POLICE I grabbed the tran gun and shoot him then I put a device on him then he went in the sky then bogo called


CLAWHAUSER: OMG OMG you caught him

BOGO:great job now if you want you capture this place then we will decide what to do ok.




I run Into some rooms and shoot 10 guards then I put them on devices then I found the diamond then I put the diamond on the device then it went in the sky bogo calls

BOGO: oh awesome you got the diamond yes faith and you should meet up and capture the place just a the word when your ready for the final phase for this mission ok BOGO OUT.


We later meet up

ROMAN: faith


We hug cuz we found each other

FAITH: ok lets activate the final phase

ROMAN: ok you ready

FAITH: yes


1 2 3

We press a button then 10 mins later the cops captured the place.


ROMAN AND FAITH: yes we did it

We walk to the entrance

BOGO: INDEED you did you captured weasel and you caused 8 guards and got lots of info from them and you caught the diamond you did great on your first mission

ROMAN: first mission?

BOGO: yes In the future we might ask you for more missions but only if they are really important ok.




We run to them and hug them

JUDY: you did perfect on your first mission

NICK: oh yeah i'm so proud of both of you

ROMAN AND FAITH: thank you

JUDY AND NICK: noo thank you now if you guys want you guys can go home or you can go elsewhere we trust you guys now.

ROMAN: do we keep this equipment

NICK AND JUDY: yes you do you can ask for more equipment anytime on  a mission ok


We went to the mall and got some things

Faith got clothes and candy and more drawing materials

I got food, video games and furniture

Faith:let's go home then we should go somewhere else too

Roman: ok

We head home and food and stuff away then we put on normal clothes then we sat on the couch

ROMAN: where do went to go

Faith: (stomach grubulls) I soooo hungry

ROMAN: ok lets gooo to panda express

FAITH: good idea let's get in your car


We drive to panda express

ROMAN:we are here

Roman and faith go to panda express and order

CASHIER: HI how may I take your orders

ROMAN: hi I would like orange chicken and beijing beef and chow mein

Cashier: ok (scoops food)

ROMAN: faith what do you want

FAITH:I want orange chicken and rice

ROMAN: thats it?


CASHIER: ok then (scoops food) that would 10.78$

Roman then pulls out his wallet and takes out 1 dollar and 10 dollar bill

ROMAN: here you go

CASHIER: (gives food and receipt) have a nice day

Faith and roman then sit down at a table
Roman and faith open their food and eat

ROMAN: yumm this soooo good

Then we saw rolaan (he is a dog)

ROLAAN: hi roman  faith i'm gonna sit at your table

ROMAN: hi your very welcome to sit at our table


ROLAAN: GUYS did you hear on the news that 2 people caught and captured weasel i'm so happy that he is in bars.

ROMAN:yea I agree

FAITH: yea
ROLAAN: I love canada. and chinese food soooooo much I eat it 3 times a week

ROMAN: me tooooo!!!

ROLAAN: WOW we have something common

ROMAN: oh rolaan we have lots in common

FAITH: so rolaan how is the prey and predator play doing

ROLAAN: good very good I'M the predator cuz im a dog

FAITH: cool 

?CHAPTER 3: I wake up at midnight and went downstairs see that my mom and dad left a note and said that they were kidnaped by the SAG (skunk assicatied group) I was furious

ROMAN: why did they do this you know what i'm gonna go get them back

I go get my stuff from my mission and I got in my special  car and activate fly mode and then I went to the SAG and landed on my roof then I saw a door on the roof and it lead to a staircase I went down it and saw a group of skunks guarding the floor

SKUNK: oh no its roman

I was angry and said

ROMAN: how do you know my name

SKUNK: you were on the news

I had a grin and said

ROMAN: thanks for telling me

Then I took out my tranquilizer and shot them and they fell asleep
ROMAN: they did not stand a chance ha ha

Then I heard my mom and dad

NICK AND JUDY: help us help!!!!

I heard them and I ran down the stairs and went into a room then I was hit with a bat

I woke up tied up in a chair and saw nick and judy also tied up

NICK: oh thank god you're here

JUDY: we are lucky your here

Then the skunks came to us and we saw the leader

SKUNK leader: ha ha ha I got you and your kid.

ROMAN: why did you do this

SKUNK leader: cuz I hate your mom and dad and you too

SKUNK leader: you are a threat to us criminals cuz you arrested weasel he was my friend now you must suffer

ROMAN: you can’t do this then I get furious then I hear my mind click then something in me realized that I have powers

SKUNK LEADER: no you can’t

Then I fill with angry then my hands get so warm my hands burn the rope my hands were tied to then I said

ROMAN: yes I can

Then I use telekinesis and grabbed a table and throw it at a window. Then the skunks were scared and run off and the leader cowardly went in a ball

Then I saidy

ROMAN: you aint nothing but a cowardly being

Then I give him paralysis with my mind

Skunk leader: I can’t move

ROMAN: now how do you feel being traped

Then my I use my mind to tear my leg ropes and my mom and dads ropes then we run up stairs then into my car to escape.

My mom and dad were in shock

JUDY: how did you do that your so powerful

NICK: whoa we got a son with superpowers no way man

ROMAN: yes way but I think I got them from being genetically engineered.

JUDY AND NICK: whoa thats cool

Then we head home and we lock everything in our house

JUDY: tomorrow we are adding more security to this house ok nick

NICK: yes we are

We go into our rooms and go to bed.

CHAPTER 4 coming soon




Submitted: December 29, 2017

© Copyright 2021 roman chan. All rights reserved.

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