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Name of the race


  • planet; continent; province; capital city
  • do they live outside their territory
  • description of their natural territory


  • skin color
  • most common colors of eyes and hair
  • average height and built
  • do they have pointy/round/short/long ears, tail, wings, horns, claws, odd number of fingers and toes etc.


  • most common colors
  • difference between civilians, guards and royalties

Most common characteristics

  • most common personality traits that they share or how other races see them in general


  • their creator
  • by whom they were created
  • idols
  • religion

Hierarchy and society

  • type of hierarchy
  • gender equality and status
  • treatment of weak, disabled, exiled etc.


  • period and style of education
  • things they are thought (math, literature, martial arts, magic etc.)

Most common jobs

  • list of usual jobs
  • are men/women obligated to join the army (or some other type of job)
  • what are mostly considered female/male jobs

Powers/mutations they are born with

  • eg. element bending
  • how are they trained to use their powers

Relationships with other races

  • alliances
  • rivalies
  • who are they most threatened by

Mores and rituals

  • rituals at birth, wedding, after death etc.
  • Celebrations in honour of their god, important people etc.


Legends and myths

Submitted: March 07, 2018

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