Tomboy In Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Destiny is a tomboy and only has two best firend but wait, there boys Dereck and Jonathan. Is she falling for them and are they falling for too?

'Hey' "Hey" "You coming to my place you and Dereck right" "Oh naw we we got footbal tryouts" I got kinda sad cause i really only have Dereck and Jonathan as friends and i get lonely at home i only have my little sister . "Well ok' "You know can come... if you want"I perked up "Yeah see you later" Jonathan touched my shoulder my stomach felt weird when he looked in my eyes. He leaned in "Dont let the people hear get to you ok you a smart and pret.. never mind just be you ok" "Ok ..but what was that last part" He turned red and walked away. I wonder what he was going to say and I think I need to go to the nurse my stomach feels kinda weird. Well i'll go later i better run if im going to see Dereck in chemistry.


"Hey Destiny" "Hey Dereck"" Umm so hows your day been""alright whenJonathan touched me though i had a weird felling in my stomach" "like this"Dereck touched my arm and the same felling came back "yeah stop it feels really weired and we were talking and he said something then stoped his really acting weired" "Hey can you come over after football" "yeah I'll just tell my dad" "ok"


Jonathan and Dereck came up to me. The were all sweaty."dude it so hot" "take off your shirt" Dereck said. Jonathan took it off andI started to stare the way the sweat dripped down his body it was so like out of a movie but so hot at the same time... wait i needed to stop before he saw. Too late. " You like what you see"Jonathan sid and he stareted to smile.I just started running andI ran all the way to my house its onlytwo blocks from the school. My phone started to ring it was Jonathan cause his picture with chopstick in his nose came up. I answered

"hello" '

"hey why you start running"

" cause i wanted to go home" he laughed

"you couldnt wait till after tryouts were supposed to go to Derecks house"

"Ill be there in 20 minutes"

"alright but we've got some stuff we want to do"

He hung up at that point.


We were in the basement on the couch i sat in the middle of Dereck and Jonathan they were shirtless. I felt uncomfortable so i moved to the floor. " why'd you move" " 'cause i wanted to" " Im bored" Dereck said " lets play ..truth or dare" " What are we in the fourth grade" I said "you got a better idea miss smarty pants"I was quiet. "ok whos going first" "i will "I said. ' Dereck truth or dare" "dare" "i dare you to rub you arm" "wow" he rubbed his arm. 'I got a good one" Dereck said " Jonathan truth or dare" "dare" " i dare you to kiss Destiny with tongue for 15 seconds"I cant believe Dereck said that i was going to have to do it or i could run again. Dang it Dereck locked the door so his sister wouldnt bother us. " OK" Jonathan said. He got up came over to me andI backed away." dont be a chicken its just me its ok if im your first kiss. ill make it worth your while" he winked an came closer i backed up. ''Destiny you know the rules you have to do it even if its Jonathans turn your still apart of the game" Dereck said. these are the rules we came up with when we were in the 5th grade i had to do it. Jonathan leaned in and this time i didnt move his lips were about to touch mine when my phone rang. I knew there was a god. I answered it was my mom she said i needed to get home in an hour. "Alright mom love you' 'ok lets get back to the game" Dereck said "Nnnoo I got to get home" "Your mom said in an hour we heared her'.

Submitted: December 02, 2012

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hmmmm. did you want honesty? well here's some tips:

1. some spelling mistakes
2. it's kinda hard to read since it's all scrunch up in a paragraph, so try to separate it.
3. it's also kinda difficult to know who's talking.
4. but i like the story line!
5. KMU!

Fri, December 28th, 2012 4:29am


Thx I will make sure to get right on it thanks if there's anything less please tell

Mon, January 21st, 2013 3:14pm

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